Summer 2

Summer 2
In DT for this half term, we have been creating our very own puppets. We started off by evaluation other designs to help us produce our very own. Once we drawn up our design, we began to cut out the outlines for our puppets. 
Data Handling 
The children have been busy looking into how to explore data and how too effectively use this information. As you can see they were all very engaged and focused on the task at hand! 
Murton Park
The living history team at Murton Park was a fantastic day for the children! They got to become Roman recruits for the day which they thoroughly enjoyed. They were asked to complete different task throughout the day, to see what it would have be like to live a day in the life of Roman solider! 
Sports Day
Year 4 had a fantastic Sports Day! All children worked well in their teams and supported each other.
It was so lovely to see all the parents supporting their children and cheering loudly too.
Thank you to Mr. Simmons for organising this amazing day for all the students! 
In maths, we have been exploring how to write decimals. The children had to think about the value of each number and where to place correctly. We used counters and explored different combinations we could create to make different numbers. 
In maths year 4 have been tackling time. We have looked at 24 - hour clocks, AM and PM and time to the nearest minuets. As you can see, we are getting on well with this challenge! 
Year 4 have been researching all about the Romans. We looked at creating our very own mosaic Roman art. They had to think about cutting the shapes and sizes correctly to fit the gaps. This was to help the children to create their unique piece of art. As you can see they are looking fantastic. 
Fathers Day Cards 
Year 4 have been busy creating these lovely fathers day cards. I think you will agree they are pretty 'tierrific'. 
In P.E this half term, we have been looking at tennis. We started off by working on our hand and eye co-ordination ensuring that we had control of the ball. Then went onto putting this into practice with the balls and rackets.
We have been learning all about the Romans this half term. The children had to order the dates correctly to be able to complete their very own timelines. They works well in groups to identify what dates when in the right places. After that we made these creative timeslines to solidify there understanding. 
Rock Steady Assembly 
Year 4 were able to join in and watch an assembly from the Rock Steady  team. They got to see all the different types of instruments and how they are played. They also got the change to sing along to some well known songs. As you can see they really enjoyed this experience!  
In English, year 4 have been busy looking at the digestive system. We have looked at how we can deconstruct an explanation text. We have identified the key features and put the text back in the correct order. 
In science we have re-created an example of the digestive system. We looked at what happens to your food once you have begun to eat it. We got a little messy with this but had lots of fun as you can see!