Summer 1 Home Learning Week 5

Hello! I hope you are continuing to stay safe and well. I am missing you all! 
I have added some new activities to this weeks work for you to have a go at as I thought you would find them interesting. Let me know how you get on with the STEM and Computational Thinking tasks. 
This week, please follow the Summer Term week 5 learning on the White Rose Maths website. The link is: 
The videos are available on the website to support each lesson.
Lesson 4 is slightly different to the planned one because we have already covered the objectives previously. 
Here are the links to the worksheets you will need for this week:
Computational Thinking
Wow, what on earth does that mean, you may be wondering?!
It basically means learning to solve problems with or without a computer!
These problem solving skills support you in all other aspects of the curriculum and in life, not just in computing so they are worthwhile to focus on. 
Please see below for further information:
We are going to focus on algorithms to begin with and link it to a story/song that some of you may be familiar with. Below you will find the instructions for story sequencing and some activity cards to support the activity.
There are also some mini-missions you may wish to have a go at. Don't forget to send in your photos to show me what you have been up to!
Waffle the dog has 5 challenges for you to complete this week:
Last week we were focusing on traditional tales - This is one of my favourite English topics to study! I hope you all enjoyed the tasks and had time to share lots of traditional stories with your family.
Last week you should have:
- Looked at a variety of traditional tales 
- Discussed the features of a traditional tale 
- Picked 1 book to focus on and discussed the main character
- Made the main character out of household materials
- Thought of adjectives to describe them.
- Looked at a range of punctuation. 
Task 1 
Recap this story with a grown up - so you remember what happens and it warms up your brain. 
Task 2 
Read these sentences and discuss if they are 
statements         questions            exclamations 
1) What a long nose you have!
2) She set off down in the winding roads into the deep dark woods.
3) What do you have in your basket?
4) Is Grandma in her house?
5) The three little pigs stood proudly outside their houses.
6) Oh no don't blow my house down!
7) Why did she eat my bowl of porridge?
8) What a beautiful day!
9) Who has been sat in my chair?
10) The wolf ran away and never returned again.
Task 3 
I have uploaded a series of comprehensions for you from Twinkl linking to Traditional Tales. 
You can complete all of them throughout the week or the story you are studying. If the Traditional Tale you are focusing on this week isn't there pick another. :)
Task 4
Now you have focused on a Traditional Tale last week, I would like you to try your best and retell the story in your own words. 
Have a go are retelling the story in your best handwriting - Good Luck!
For Year 2, it is really important that you are able to write in full sentences with:
- Finger Spaces
- Full stops
- Capital letters 
- Question Marks
- Some use of adjectives