Summer 1 Home Learning Week 3

Hello 1G!
Well can you believe we are going into our seventh week? I am really missing you all and hope you and your families are continuing to stay safe and well. I have loved seeing your fabulous photos of some of the amazing things you have been doing whilst at home. Please continue to keep sending them in. 
VE Day Baking by Ajai and Hari - Take a look!
This put a big smile on my face today :) 

This week, please follow the Summer Term, week 3 learning on the White Rose Maths website. The link is:

You will learn more about :

  • Part-whole relationships number bonds
  • Fact families - linking addition and subtraction
  • Add together and find a part
  • Add more and count on within 20
  • Lesson 5 will be the Friday Challenge!

Watch the learning videos for each lesson and then complete the activity which links to this. Once you have done this, you can mark your work with the answers. If you have made a mistake, have another go and see if you can figure out where you went wrong.  

Active Maths!
Do you fancy doing some exercise whilst practising counting in 5s?
Have a go at this:
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Computing/PurpleMash Activity 
Go on to:
Login as your child: 
4 digit password 
  • On the top left hand side you will see a tab which says '2Dos' 
  • Click on it 
  • You will see a quiz that is all about VE Day
  • Can you successfully complete it?
Once you have completed it Mrs Wardell and I will get a notification to say you have completed it. 
Can you then make facts cardsabout VE Day? 
You can draw pictures to go with it too!
SPAG activity ( Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)
This is a stand alone activity which doesn't follow a sequence of learning
In year 1 children are required to know the past tense suffix 'ed' at the end of words.
We add 'ed' onto the end of verbs. Remember verbs are action words for example walk, climb,skip,race,jump,twirl,hop etc.
If the action happened in the past you add 'ed'
Think about what exercises you have been doing recently. Can you write a sentence and add 'ed' on the end of the verbs?
I jumped on my trampoline
I skipped on the pavement.
I climbed a tree and it was really high.
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This week we are going to focus on VE Day - discuss with your grown ups. What do you already know about VE Day?
A nice idea is making a list of questions you want to find out. e.g
What is VE Day?
When is VE Day?
Who was involved in VE Day?
When did it happen?
Make a list of 5 questions and hopefully by the end of the week you will have answered them!
Geography link to VE Day
Explore a map with an adult and have a go at locating all the countries that were involved in WW2
Can you spot them all?
Other Ideas you could do to link your work to VE Day:
  • Bake a cake for a street part - Can you follow a set recipe? 
  • Make bunting to hang up around the garden
  • Decorate the garden 
  • Make place mats for your family 
  • Create the UK flag 
  • Make paper chains 
  • Make a fact books all about VE Day. this could be a fact book, leaflets,top trumps or a poster
  • Plan, make and enjoy an afternoon tea with your family
English - Instructional Writing 
This focus is on Instructional Writing. - How to make a Sandwich 
Listen to the sequence of lessons , there are 5 lessons over the week.
Once you have clicked onto the link scroll down to Sam's Sandwich 
Lesson 1: Listen to the story of Sam's Sandwich 
Lesson 2: Instructions - To commit a set of instructions to memory
Lesson 3: To use the conjunction 'and' (Joining word)
Lesson 4 & 5: To write a set of instructions
Art  - Practical Activity - To go on a texture treasure hunt! 
Click on the link below and there is an art lesson where children can listen to a 20minute lesson then have a task outside to complete!
In this lesson, we will be learning about an artist called Max Ernst. He created a technique in art called frottage. This is when you use your pencil to make rubbings of textured objects which you find around your home. You will need a pencil and paper.