Summer 1 Home Learning Week 2

Hello again!
I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe?
We had lots of fantastic learning going on last week from many of you, it was lovely to see what you had been up to! Please keep sending in your pictures. They really cheer me up!
 It is great to have seen some of you are continuing to practise your phonics whilst you are at home. This is so important to keep doing as it will really help you with your reading and writing.
Starting from today the Department for Education English Hubs will be sharing daily lessons on their youtube channel. These will be lessons following the letters and sounds progression document which is what I use to plan and deliver phonics to 1G. 
The following link is an introduction to parents:
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Word Mountains
I am very aware some of you have been super busy learning your word mountains - a big well done to you! 
Below you will find the rest of the word mountains to learn :) 
Only go on to the next one when you get 10/10 correct! 
Well done to everyone that had a go at the maths work last week.
I have seen some fantastic efforts! 
I wonder how many of you now know all the double facts? 
Here is a song to help you remember them:
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Maths Work for week beginning

Monday 27th April

This week, please follow the Summer Term, week 2 learning on the White Rose Maths website. The link is the same as above. You will learn more about how to:

  • Find a half (of a quantity)
  • Find a quarter (of a shape)
  • Find a quarter (of a quantity)
  • Problem Solve
  • Lesson 5 will be a challenge to complete!

Watch the learning videos for each lesson and then complete the activity which links to this. Once you have done this, you can mark your work with the answers. If you have made a mistake, have another go and see if you can figure out where you went wrong.  


Take a look at this song to help you understand:

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Active Maths!
Do you fancy doing some exercise whilst practising counting in 2s?
Have a go at this:
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You can then move on to practising your 2 times table.
See if you can get creative whilst learning.
Here are a couple of ideas to help you:
A little bit more maths!
Take a look at the following resource, there may be something you would like to have a go at trying to solve. 
Don't forget to send me any photos of your achievements!
Task 1
As you were set lots of tasks around the book of 'Handa's Surprise'
We would now like you to retell the story in your own words.
You may want to watch the youtube story back or discuss it with someone at home. 
Make sure you include adjectives in our story as this is a new skill we have been practising. 
In your story you also need to make sure you use:
  • Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence
  • Full Stops at the end of a sentence
  • Finger Spaces
  • Joining words    and    because    so     but 
  • Adjectives 
  • Read your sentence back to yourself to make sure it makes sense
Some of you may want to say your sentence out loud before you write it down to make sure it makes sense.
Make sure you think carefully about your writing and try your very best.                                          I would love to see a photograph of your hard work!
Task 2 - Practical Activity at home 
For this task we would like you to create your own story of Handa's Surprise.
Change the character - It could be anything "Miss Gardner's Surprise/ Joe's Surprise/Alice's Surprise. 
It MUST have animals stealing fruit in.
You could be at:
A farm
A zoo 
A woodland
A forest
in Africa like the story  - Anywhere! 
Collect around 5 animals in your house. 
Collect 4 fruits/ or draw them
Think about how your animal looks  - (adjectives to describe them)
Think about adjectives to describe the fruit too
You may want to write these down in chronological order that they will be in, in the story.
This will help form the skeleton of your story.
Take time to discuss your story with your family.
Have fun retelling it using the animals and fruit :)
Some of you may want to draw it out onto paper. You could split your piece of paper into 6 or 8 boxes.
Task 3
Recap the story with a family member.
remind yourselves of the adjectives you're going to use.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can you include a verb in your story?
Write your own story. Send me a picture so I can enjoy reading it with a cup of tea!
Task 4 - New book to focus on 
Can you use the clues to predict what might happen in the story?
Project Learning - Science and DT link *Practical Activity*
Can you create a habitat for an animal?
  •  You will need to research your chosen animal.
  • It could be an animal linked to Handa's Surprise or a animal of your choice.
  • Use the internet or books you may have at home to find out all about this animal.
  • Use suitable materials and equipment to create a habitat /home for your animal.
  • Can you make it as realistic as possible? You could used lego, duplo, natural materials e.g sticks,grass, twigs,
Task 2:
Create a top trumps card or fact book about this animal. 
Questions to consider:
  • Where does it live?
  • When does it sleep?
  • Where does it sleep?
  • What does it eat? 
  • Does it live underground?
  • Why does it live there?
  • Who does it live with?
  • Why can't it live........?
  • Why does it have to live in that environment? 
  • What would happen if it lived....?