Summer 1

In English we have started reading a book called One Plastic Bag. To show our understanding of the story, we got into teams and answered different questions about the story around the class. 
We then ordered the story using pictures ahead of re telling it. 
In Maths we are looking at fractions. We began looking at what is a fraction by chopping up whole pieces of paper into different sizes. 
This led us nicely onto equivalent fractions where we also used a fraction wall to find what other equivalent fractions we could find. We then started looking at the relationship between the numerator and the denominator and how we can use this to find out other equivalent fractions. 
We have started our Science topic all about sound. This week we used instruments to learn about how sounds are made. We discovered that they are made by vibrations. 
We have been learning about how we can change the pitch of a musical instrument. We then investigated if the thickness of a rubber band affects the pitch. 
We went on a walk around school to see measure the volume in different places and see if we could identify a pattern. 
This half term, we are learning about cricket. We started the unit by practising some of the key skills of striking the ball as well as throwing, catching and stopping the ball. 
We have spent separate lessons developing our ability to bowl the ball and hit the ball nice and straight. 
Design Technology
This week we started to make our own felt toys. We had to mark using a stencil before cutting them out. We cannot wait to start sewing next week. 
We then spent lots of time carefully sewing to produce the finished product before finally evaluating them. 
We looked at the Legend of Romulus and Remus in Spanish. We learned that there are many things you can do to understand what is being said. We looked for cognates (words that similar in Spanish and English). We used these words to help us understand the context of the rest of the Spanish. We learned that we know more than we think !
In Spanish we used a Powerpoint to learn about some of the key people in Roman History. We listened and looked for key words to help us. 
Computing - E-Safety 
We sorted words into respectful ones and disrespectful ones. 
We then explored scenarios as a group considering how respect had or had not been shown online. As a group, we had to consider how the different people would feel and how it could have been dealt with better. 
English - Performance Poetry 
We have been learning about poems to perform. We started by watching Michael Rosen and deconstructing what makes his so entertaining. 
We then worked in pairs to identify the rhyme in some of the poems we had watched. 
Computing - Data Handling
We have been exploring cell references and using the auto sum tool to process data on a spreadsheet. 
DT - Food Technology 

We have been evaluating existing bread products ahead of designing and making our own after half term. 
Nell Bank     Science 
We went on a day visit to Nell Bank to learn all about local habitats and micro habitats. We started with a habitat trial around the whole site where we had to read information to answer the questions.

We looked to find mini beasts before classifying them into different groups depending on their features.
Finally, we went pond dipping to see what creatures live there.