Summer 1

Summer 1
In English, we have been very busy looking at our new class text 'One Plastic Bag'. Year 4 have been investigating the text and looking at what the story is trying telling us. They worked in groups to answer question on the story to ensure they had a solid understanding of the book. After that, we put the images back into the correct order to help us re tell the story. 
Year 4 played a game to identify verbs, adverbs, adjectives and conjunctions on the spot. They became very fast at spotting the correct answer and showing use the action we had learnt for each. It was a fun way of learning to identifying the correct terminology in English.
In English this week, we have been looking at predicting and inferring from the information in front of us. The children had to think, pair and share their ideas to allow for opportunity to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts. In addition to fostering social skills, this strategy also improves their speaking and listening skills. The pairs brainstorm together and each student learnt new ideas from their partner.
In maths, we have been looking at and investigating equivalent fractions we used a fraction wall to find what other equivalent fractions we could spot. We then started looking at the relationship between the numerator and the denominator and how we can use this to work out other equivalent fractions. We are now confident in finding many equivalent fractions and how to apply what we have learnt to our learning. 
We have started our Science topic all about sound. This week we used instruments to learn about how sounds are made. We discovered that they are made by vibrations. We investigated the different types of sound we could create with all the instrument too and as you can see we had a lot of fun!
We continued to learn about pitch by looking at how different sounds travels through objects. This was a fun investigations that 4W  really enjoyed. 
In Art, we have been very busy creating our very own pop art. We have researched the history of where pop art started and how we can create our very own unique designs. 4W have managed to design and make some lovely work as you can see!
We looked at the Legend of Romulus and Remus in Spanish. We learned that there are many things you can do to understand what is being said. We looked for cognates (words that similar in Spanish and English). We used these words to help us understand the context of the rest of the Spanish. We learned that we know more than we think!
In Spanish we used a PowerPoint to learn about some of the key people in Roman history. We listened and looked for key words.
We have started our cricket topic this half term and the children have been looking at how to throw and catch the ball correctly. Making sure their hands are correctly placed to receive the ball. We also looked at how to throw the ball with and without a bounce. 
After that, we began to introduce batting the ball with the correct part of the cricket bat and fielding. 
In P.E this week, we have been looking at putting together all our previous learning with throwing and catching to implement into our fielding skills. We also used the skills learnt to apply to our batting technique. We had a game of quick cricket and as you can see, the kids had a blast! 


Year 4 have been looking at respecting other online. They are now able to understand and can explain what is meant by respect. Also, they can give examples of how online behaviour is either respectful or disrespectful. Finally, they can describe how it is possible to be respectful online. 


In the sunshine, we decided to get out and practice our assembly in the lovely heat and warm weather! 
In DT, we looked at baking our own bread again. We had to think about what ingredients we would need and what adaptations we could make to our recipe this time. The children followed a step by step guide to making their bread. As you can see, the results look very yummy!
Nell Bank

We have had an amazing time at Nell Bank that was full of fun, excitement and of course lots of learning! The children learnt about habitats and searched for mini beast. After that, we completed some orienteering learning all about the animals that live around Nell Bank. We got to have ago at pond dipping and found some interesting creatures living there. All in all, we had an amazing day out exploring what Nell Bank had to offer!  
We had a quick stop tour of what the Bradford Cathedral had to offer if they joined the choir. The children enjoying singing along to a new song and finding out about all the actives they could get involved in outside of school. 
In English, we have been busy creating some performance poetry. We looked at what we would need to make this a success and the children agreed we had to have some rhythm to make our poems more interesting to the audience. We had ago at rhyming words together to put into our performance poetry. 
Penalty Shootout
4W had a fantastic time with Billy Bantam at the penalty shootout. They managed to score quite a few goal too!
In R.E, we have been looking at different creation stories. The children created there own story wheels based on the Christianity story. They turned out great and 4W had a lot of fun creating them too! 
In Computing we have been busy looking at data handling. We used column and rows to write in the reference for a cell. After that we looked at using auto sums to collate our working out.