Spring Term 2

Spring 2
This term in P.E we have been looking at orienteering. This is an exciting and challenging outdoor sport that exercises the mind and body. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map. Year 4 used many different skills to complete this activity from team work to reading and understating how to use a map effectively. As you can see, they have fully immersed them self in the activity we set this week!
In English we have been looking at Superhero Street by Phil Earle. We have been exploring inference and retrieval this week. The children have been thinking of questions and answers to ask the characters. Year 4 explored hot seating and imagining how the characters would respond to the questions being asked - making sure they had understood the character they were pretending to be. 
We have been looking at synonyms today and expanding out vocabulary. They worked in groups and had lots of discussions around where they could place each word to match the synonym. They came up with some super answers and worked so well as a team. 
Mothers Day Boxes 
Year 4 have been busy creating some lovely mothers day boxes to send home with something very special inside for the big day! As you can see, we had some very creative and exciting designs. 
The children have been investigating different types of bread and evaluating them. We looked at there taste, texture, smell, appearance and then finally rated them out of 10. Pitta bread was defiantly the class favourite for flavour! 
In DT, we looked at baking our own bread. We had to think about what ingredients we would need and what adaptations we could make to our recipe. The children followed a step by step guide to making their bread. As you can see, the results look very yummy!
Red Nose Day 
For red nose day this year, all the children dressed up in something red. Here are a few pictures of the children that were captured during the day! 
With Easter just around the around the corner, we created these unique bunny cards. We took our inspiration from Andy Warhol for our back ground designs and the results look fantastic!