Spring Term 1

Spring 1
This term we have found ourselves in another lockdown, but that hasn't stopped 4W keeping busy and learning. Below are lots of pictures of 4W learning in and out of school. The images are moments that have been captured by the teachers and parents over this lockdown - completing remote learning and making memories. 
Year 4 were set a challenge to create snow sculptures and they didn't disappoint. They have had lots of fun getting creative and making these wonderful snow sculptures. 
In English, the children have been very busy creating some lovely pictures. They had to draw and label the setting of the first part of our story The Wild Robot. Below are some of the wonderful images they created.
4W looked at the Value Scales they gradually built-up layers to get darker the class used these skills. They cut a piece of paper and curled it, then sketched the paper ribbon paying attention to where the light and dark areas were. There was some fabulous artwork sent in!
Reading & GPS 
The children were sent home with CPG books to work through each day with a daily task. 4W haven't let us down and have shown even at home, they have kept their presentation up to a high standard.
The children haven't just been busy with remote learning! They have found time to get out and explore, go for walks, read, bake and so much more. Here are a few pictures of what they have been up to besides lots of learning!
We have been keeping active with our weekly P.E session with Joe Wicks. Many children have been out for long walks and exercise. Here is some amazing picture where even the dog has joined in with exercise. 
Remote leaning 
4W have been extremely busy with their remote home learning. Here are some of the moments captured by parents while the children are hard at work. Look at the concentration on their faces - proving the work ethic is still very high, even at home! Also, giving us a smile to show how much fun they are having too!


The children had to work through a Power Point and answer question all about being safe online. They looked at how they should be behaving online and what was/wasn't appropriate behaviours. The children were given a final task to draw an avatar for a new online gaming account. They were asked to label it with all the qualities they would show online through their behaviour towards others.

In English this week, we have been really busy completing our stories from 'The Wild Robot' . We looked at the story and recreated our own versions of the book. The children had to think about: Description, direct speech, using paragraphs, expanded noun phrases and of course an interesting new character. They did an amazing job as you see.
This week in English we have been very busy creating poems all about WW2. We have learnt about alliteration, similes and expanded noun phrases and the best ways to use them for effect. The children have been very creative and explored ways to put them in their writing all week. They have created some fantastic piece of work as you can see!
In science we have been exploring looking at our local environment and micro habitats within the school grounds. The children were put into groups and investigated the micro habitats of the creatures in our playground. We then created a mind map with everything we had found looking at their environment and living conditions. 
The children have been looking at classifying animals into the correct places. We have looked at branching different types of animal to order them. The children had a lot of fun with this task some even classified sweets! 

Children's Mental Heath Week :)

Whilst we live in a time where we can’t do all the

things we enjoy, and see all the people
that we love, we have used our brain to think about the

things that make us feel happy.

      Here's how year 4 expressed themselves this week!

Our very own Hero! 
Ellie was incredibly brave and mature last week. When he grandma became ill, she noticed very quick and went for help. Ellie showed a real level of maturity and we are incredibly proud to have her in our class. If it wasn't for Ellie her grandma may not be as well as she is today. Well done Ellie for thinking quick and helping to save your grandma! 
The children were set a task to create a heat with pattern, pattern and more pattern! In the spirit of children's mental health and because next week is Valentines day Mrs Marsden thought they would work around the theme of hearts! It was such a fun task, Alfie's whole family joined in with this one. Great team work Hopwoods!