Spring term

Once again, we find ourselves in another lockdown. Some children are working in school whilst others are working remotely. 
We have enjoyed seeing what children have been doing to keep their body and brain healthy. 
Abigail has been keeping her brain active by doing the online learning.
She has also kept herself fit by doing her PE sessions. 
Abigail has done some Food technology and can be seen being busy in the kitchen.
Great work Abigail. We look forward to seeing you back in the classroom.
Grace and her mum have spent some time learning how to bake. What a great way to learn and have fun. Well done Grace, they look fantastic.
There weather hasn't been as kind to us this lockdown but a bit of snow was just what we needed to cheer us up. Megan has managed to build a fantastic snowman as well complete her remote learning tasks.
As well as completing the online tasks, Summer has been learning how to cook. It is good to see our children learning a range of new skills.
Abigail has done some further study and experiments based on the science task. She has even found time to do some cooking. Her kitchen skills look amazing. I may have to take some lessons from her. 
Today we have had lots of snow. We have taken time away from remote learning to have fun and enjoy the snow and build snowmen.
Remote Learning Science Task 
Our remote topic task today was to name and order the planets in the Solar System and find information about each planet. Both the children in school and the children at home works incredibly hard on this task. 
It is great to see what 5G are doing at home during this lockdown. Megan has done a fantastic job of doing all of her online tasks. She has also made a delicious looking trifle and turned her hand to making tie-dye t-shirts. I am so impressed with her picture of Whitby Abbey.
Home Learning
Well done to Summer, who has completed these home learning tasks which have shown off her very creative side. 
One of our remote learning task was to draw the view from the Whitby Whale Bones. I am amazed at the excellent work which has been sent in.

                                                             Kandinsky Art 

"Kandinsky was especially interested in colour, even as a child. Beginning in his earlier, more realistic paintings, Kandinsky used colour to show emotion rather than to make objects look real. As he grew as an artist, Kandinsky became more concerned with the power of colour in describing what he was feeling. He wanted to use colour to make his viewers feel emotion, too....

.....Gradually, Kandinsky became more abstract. He began to paint objects as patches of color instead of painting perfect details such as facial features or individual leaves on trees. Kandinsky had studied the human body and knew how to paint people well; however he liked the abstract more than the realistic. As he grew as an artist, his figures became less realistic until the viewer could no longer identify known objects in his paintings..."

We have had a go at doing our own Kandinsky style art work. 
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