Spring Term - Our learning journey so far...

2P enjoying their time in the library!
Orion and the Dark
In English we have been studying the story Orion in the Dark by Emma Yarlett. We have enjoyed sorting out facts about the story and thinking carefully about the characters in the story too.
We have been learning all about multiplication in maths!  We have been using different resources to help us learn. We recorded our working out on whiteboards too. 

Everyone in 2P are now multiplication experts!
We have been working with our friends and explored different balances. We have learnt how to make different shapes using our bodies and how to balance in different ways..
We investigated how germs spread by using different coloured glitter and how important it
is to wash our hands carefully to stay healthy and hygienic. We were very surprised how
easily germs can travel!
We looked at lots of different seeds using magnifying glasses to see how different they all
are. Some of them looked beautiful but some of them looked really wrinkly. We had a go at
predicting which plant grew from which seed and drew diagrams to show the life cycle of
the plant.
We used lots of practical resources to practice our division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times table. 
Our task was to sort and answer questions about different sets of data.  We used tally charts to help us sort different information into categories.  This made it easier for us to answer questions about the data such as how many more 2ps were there than 10ps and how many green blocks were there altogether.
We created pictograms in groups using smarties! First we had to record the colours of smarties into a tally chart.  We had a race to see who could do it the quickest! Then we had to decide what our key was going to represent. 
Should we count in 2s, 5s or 10s? 
When we decided on our key we made our pictograms.
Linking to our world book day theme of India, today we tried a variety of Indian sweet treats.  They very sweet, colourful and sticky!  We all loved the bright orange jalabis but not everyone was keen on the lados!
As part of maths week, this morning 2P and 1W worked together to solve lots of maths problems in the hall.  We really enjoyed working together to solve the problems.  Some of them were really tricky especially the tangrams but we didn't give up!