Spring Term - Our learning journey so far...

We love to learn through play!
Take a look at our learning in reception!
We have just begun our topic all about dinosaurs! The children have been involved in some role play using the dinosaur costumes.
Other have been enjoying using the pastels to draw dinosaurs. They have been looking at the dinosaurs carefully , using the correct pencil grip, to draw what they see. 
Children have taken a real interest in looking at the dinosaur books and retelling their own stories using the pictures. Some children have been searching for tricky truck words and writing them down on paper! 
Ordering Numbers
Some excellent recognition of numerals! Most children can order 0-10 without any support now. Well done RG!
The chidren have been busy learning all about capacity in maths! We have been discussing what capacity means. 
The children were shown three cups.
1) full 
2) half full
3) empty
The children took their learning in to the provision and enjoyed experimenting with jugs and using the vocabulary too.  Some of the children even estimated how many jugs of water it would take to fill the container to the top! 
Fantastic estimating RG! 
We also had a go at seeing how many children we could fit in a hoop. Some children estimated how many children they thought would fit in the hoop. We estimated how many shoes would fit in the hoop too. The children are getting really good at estimating now. 
We have been learning all about measuring. We have been measuring and ordering dinosaur bones. We thought about what we could use to help us measure how long something is. We used cubes to help us measure how long an object was. We then estimated how long different objects were. 
During free flow the children were measuring around their friends and measuring how long they were using cubes to help them! 
Excellent measuring RG!
Writing to the Dinosaurs!
Our Independent Writing during Free Flow
During our phonics lessons we read the story ' Dear Dinosaur'. It is about a boy called Max who wrote to the dinosaurs in the museum.The dinosaurs wrote back to Max!
We thought about writing letters to the dinosaurs too. Some of us wrote to the dinosaur during independent play and popped them in the post box in our classroom.
Miss Gardner and Mrs Brook posted our letters during lunch time. The dinosaur wrote back to us!  We were really excited!
The Dinosaur Egg
The dinosaur sent the a parcel too. They opened it and it was an egg! The children thought carefully about what it could be and what might come out of an egg. They decided to put it in water to see if it hatched.
Days went by and the children kept checking to see if it had changed. After 2 days the egg began to hatch!
During free flow some children decided to write a prediction about what they thought might come out of the egg.
Take a look at their brilliant writing.
Miss Gardner did a circle time and we learnt all about fossils.  We thought about what a fossil was and where we might find fossils. We passed around the fossils and guessed what might be inside it by looking carefully at the patterns. Then we used some wax crayons and tracing paper to create some rubbings of them. We talked about how the fossils felt and used adjectives to describe them. Some children even had a go at writing the word too.
Penalty Shoot Out
Billy Bantam came to see us at school! We were sponsored by our family and friends to score goals against him. We cheered our friends on and had lots of fun!
Our School Trip to The Rainbow Factory
To start off our topic of 'Fairy Tales' we went to the Rainbow Factory. We were really excited about our first trip. When we got there we watched 'Jack and the Beanstalk' show and took part in three exciting workshops.
1) Speaking and Listening Activity
2) Writing Activity
3) Fairy Tale Adventure
We had lots of fun on our trip!
Fun on the slopes of Blakehill!
Small World Play
Some children in RG decided to play in the small world are during independent free flow using blocks and a variety of materials.They worked together and communicated their ideas to one another. They chose to label the different farms they had created to let people know what they were. 
Fantastic observations and lots of learning took place today. 
Well done RG!
Their imaginations were unlocked!
Take a look....
What did you like about the trip?
The children love to choose to write during free flow!
We worked in teams to search for 'oi' words in the soil! 
We then ran back to our team and told them the word. 
We all sounded it out and wrote down the word. 
This week we have been learning all about sharing. Last Friday we had a picnic with our friends.         
Miss Gardner gave each group a bag of snacks and asked us to share the picnic out equally. Our task was to work together to make sure we all got the same amount of food.
Bedtime Story Night in Reception
We came back to school in our pyjamas,dressing gowns and slippers with our favourite story to share with our grown ups.
We had a hot chocolate and a biscuit and Miss Gardner read us her favourite story in the dark with fairy lights twinkling away.
We then watched an animated story with our friends whilst drinking our hot chocolate.
We even got a special book each too!
Independent Learning 
We love to be creative during free flow!
Some of us write
Some of us make 
Some of us play with numbers
Some of us read
During World Book Week we learnt all about 'India' 
We studied an Indian Book called 'My Mother's Sari' 
We took part in an Indian Drumming session and had lots of fun!
We learnt some Indian dance moves and listened to Indian music too.
We all wore a hat to school to raise money for The Brain Tumor Research Charity. Some of of even made Easter Bonnets. Take a look at our fantastic hats!
PTFA Easter Disco 
We had lots of fun at our Easter Disco!
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 
The children loved retelling the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears today!
India Display
Take a look at our fantastic writing all about India!