Spring Term

PSHE: The Dogs Trust 
Today 3S were visited by The Dogs Trust who talked to the class about the work they do and how to stay safe around dogs. 
Reading: retrieval
In today's reading lesson, the children explored the text and sorted statements 'true' or 'false', using the text to justify their responses. 
RE: To reflect on the concept of community
Today we began our new termly RE unit looking at places of worship. We began by discussing the word 'community' and when we want to be with others and when we want to be by ourselves. 
PE: Orienteering 
In today's lesson, we have started learning all about orienteering. The focus in this lesson was 'teamwork' and 'communication' and developing these skills.
Music: Bradford Cathedral Choir
Year 3 were treated to a special visit today by two members of the Bradford Cathedral Choir. Year 3 learnt all about what a choir is; played some games and had a chance at singing together!
English: identifying the features of a diary 
After finishing our poetry unit, we have today started our diary unit. The children have put a diary back together - a diary jigsaw - and identified the key features. 
PE: Net and Wall
Working with Mr. Simmons, our Sports Coach, the children have begun to develop their tennis skills. Today, they focus on ball coordination and striking a ball/ object with some control.
RE: Describing the benefits of belonging to a community. 
In our RE lesson we discussed the communities that we are part of and what are the benefits of being part of these groups. We then looked at important community buildings within our local area, using a grid reference map to identify where they are. 
PSHE: Friendships
Today in 3S, we had a special visitor today who talked to us about friendships and how to keep and develop our friendships and what to do if we fall out with our friends. 
English: show not tell
The children in 3S became actors today after learning all about show not tell. The children 'showed' different emotions which the other children then had to guess. We also explored how a character is feeling at a particular point using a target grid to select the best adjective.
History: using different sources
In today's lesson, the children explored different picture sources to compare how Bradford changed from a small, rural town to a large, industrial city.  
Number Day 2022
Today, supporting the NSPCC, we took part in Number Day 2022, completing lots of different activities around our big question: 'Which skyscraper is the best?'
E-Safety: who can you trust?
We have explored what we mean by the word 'trust' and how we share information with different people. 
Art: visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park
To kick start our sculpture topic, Year 3 visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to learn all about what a sculpture is; what they can represent; and what we can use to build one! 
Computing: can a picture move?
3S started their animation unit today, creating their own flip book. 
Maths: multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit
Today, the children in 3S became tutors, supporting each other to understand how to multiply a 2 digit number by 1 digit number using a formal written method. We also used our tables to complete the questions. 
Reading: Bag drop
In Reading we have been exploring characters, including 'Hogarth' from the Iron Man. The children used their inference and retrieval skills to think about what Hogarth would take with him. 
RE: Visit to Bradford Cathedral
As part of our RE unit, we visited Bradford Cathedral where we learnt all about the different parts of this significant religious building. 
English: identifying the features of a letter
In today's English lesson, the children pieced together the different parts of our new text type and then identified the main features. 
Magic Day
3S were visited by a real life magician today, 'Dazzling Darren' who taught the children 4 tricks. The children will then use what they learnt to write a recount about their magical day. The day started with an amazing assembly!
PE - Net and Wall
Learning objective
Begin to send and receive with increasing control
Follow the rules of the game/ modified games.
PSHE: Anxiety and emotions
Today, Year 3 took part in an anxiety and emotions workshop where they shared some of their own worries; learnt the difference between anxiety and worry and discussed ways they could reduce and manage their anxiety in order to 'break the cycle'. 
RE: Identify the features of a synagogue
In this lesson the children explored a synagogue and then were tasked with identifying the different parts and some of the sacred artifacts that they would find there. 
PE / RE: Features of a Buddhist Temple
Year 3 combined their PE orienteering skills with their RE knowledge to find and locate the different parts of a Buddhist temple. 
Reading: identifying the features of a non-fiction text 
In our reading lesson we have been exploring the non-fiction text 'Robots'. In today's lesson we identified the presentational devices that authors use in these texts. 
Computing: animation 
In our second lesson of our unit, the children explored how to use iMotion to create their own animation. 
Maths: Bar charts
In this lesson, 3S had a go at constructing a bar chart using data they had collected exploring favorite sports. 
Trip to Leeds Discovery Centre and The Royal Armories
To kick start our new History topic exploring the Stone Age, Year 3 visited the Leeds Discovery Centre and The Royal Armories looking at different artifacts. 
Reading: comparing texts
In our reading lesson today we have compared an information text and an instruction text, understanding what is the same and what is different. 
Spanish: animals 
As part of our new unit, we have begun to explore how to say different animal names in Spanish. 
Music: Rocksteady concert
Year 3 were invited to a music concert today in which members of our own class were taking part. 
Happy Easter from everyone in 3S!