Spring Term

PSHE: The Dogs Trust 
Today 3S were visited by The Dogs Trust who talked to the class about the work they do and how to stay safe around dogs. 
Reading: retrieval
In today's reading lesson, the children explored the text and sorted statements 'true' or 'false', using the text to justify their responses. 
RE: To reflect on the concept of community
Today we began our new termly RE unit looking at places of worship. We began by discussing the word 'community' and when we want to be with others and when we want to be by ourselves. 
PE: Orienteering 
In today's lesson, we have started learning all about orienteering. The focus in this lesson was 'teamwork' and 'communication' and developing these skills.
Music: Bradford Cathedral Choir
Year 3 were treated to a special visit today by two members of the Bradford Cathedral Choir. Year 3 learnt all about what a choir is; played some games and had a chance at singing together!
English: identifying the features of a diary 
After finishing our poetry unit, we have today started our diary unit. The children have put a diary back together - a diary jigsaw - and identified the key features. 
PE: Tennis 
Working with Mr. Simmons, our Sports Coach, the children have begun to develop their tennis skills. Today, they focus on ball coordination. 
RE: Describing the benefits of belonging to a community. 
In our RE lesson we discussed the communities that we are part of and what are the benefits of being part of these groups. We then looked at important community buildings within our local area, using a grid reference map to identify where they are. 
PSHE: Friendships
Today in 3S, we had a special visitor today who talked to us about friendships and how to keep and develop our friendships and what to do if we fall out with our friends. 
English: show not tell
The children in 3S became actors today after learning all about show not tell. The children 'showed' different emotions which the other children then had to guess. We also explored how a character is feeling at a particular point using a target grid to select the best adjective.