Spring Term

Happy New Year!
Dough Disco!
The children had a special home learning challenge over the Christmas holidays. It featured a very sparkly pot of dough! Take a look at the photos and videos to see what they got up to.
Music with Mrs Brown
LO: To know how to play 'G' on the glockenspiel
We practised keeping the beat and enjoyed taking turns to play the glockenspiel today. It was lots of fun!
LO: To recognise ways of representing 5
We began our lesson by sharing the story 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mick Inkpen. We discovered that Kipper had 5 candles on his birthday cake. We then looked closely at the items in the spot tray to identify which ones represented the number 5. Some of the items had been put in the tray to trick us and we had to remove any item that did not show 5. We then used our own five frame and collected a set of items from the classroom to represent 5. We know that when we put 5 items on the five frame there are no spare spaces, the frame is full!
Rosie's Walk - Maths
LO: To use and understand positional language
We recreated the story of Rosie's Walk in the outside area.
Now that we have learnt lots of sounds in our phonics lessons we are beginning to enjoy taking reading books home. Some of us are continuing to practise recognising letters and blending but we are really proud of all our hard work! Take a look below at some of our fantastic children reading their books! 
Understanding the World - Fieldwork Study
What is our school environment like?
LO: To describe what they see, hear and feel whilst outside
We enjoyed taking part in a sensory trail around the school grounds. We thought about what we could see, hear, smell and really focused on the different things we could touch. Once back in the classroom we formed a list of all the words we had used to describe how something felt. We also drew our very own sensory trail map of the walk we had taken. 
Library Time!
Every Tuesday morning RW  visit the school library. Mrs Wardell shares both fiction and non-fiction books with us. We love listening to stories and finding out lots of information about topics and other things we are interested in. This half term, as well as all the stories we have shared, we have enjoyed learning about the Chinese/Luna New Year as well as listening to the story of The Great Race. 
We change our book to take home and also spend time looking at our books with our friends. we are getting really good at spotting the tricky words within the text too!
We love our Tuesday trip to the library!
LO: To write your name
LO: To form lower and upper case letters correctly
Every morning when we come into school we collect our namecard and practise writing our name before moving onto revising the formation of a previously learnt grapheme from our phonics lesson. This morning Mrs Wardell challenged us to write our name without our name card. 
Understanding the World 
Home Learning Challenge: How was school different when my parents/grandparents went?
LO: Talk about members of their immediate family 
LO: Comment on images of familiar situations in the past
Many thanks to all of our families for the fantastic response to the learning challenge. We have had some fabulous conversations in class about what life at school must have been like for our relatives. We have shared some of your favourite books and also enjoyed looking at the photographs you have sent in. 
Physical Development
Can you work carefully with the water colours to paint between the black zigzags?
LO: To develop their fine motor skills
Following on from our phonics lesson all about the /z/ phoneme the children worked carefully to complete the zigzag picture by learning to control the paintbrush, concentrate and persevere. We think the final results look fabulous!
Roll and Read Fun!
LO: To segment and then blend sounds to read words
We have lots of fun when learning phonics. Today we have all been playing the Roll and Read game to help us remember the /x/ phoneme. We have really enjoyed it and will use this game in our SMART reading lessons too!
NSPCC Number Day
Everything was about numbers today in school! We dressed up in our number clothes and had lots of fun with numbers all day! We counted out beats in music and in PE we used our counting skills to play games. At lunchtime we had special number buns ( thank you Michelle! ) and we enjoyed looking for numbers in our curly fries! This afternoon we used the story of Chinese New Year to find out about ordinal numbers and then used these to order ourselves after running races. All week we have enjoyed working on the story of 'Ten Black Dots' and creating our own black dot pictures. 
In class we have been learning about Personal Information and talking about what is private to us and what is safe to share with others. We have also talked about the people in our lives who we can trust to share information. We know that we should never share any private, personal information with anyone we do not know. This is a really important fact we need to remember when we are playing games online on our tablets, phones and game consoles. 
Finn  and Lily also said that we should not share our passwords or phone numbers too!
Maths Learning
We have continued to be really busy in all of our maths work. Here are just a few examples of what we have been up to over the last few weeks: 
Read it, Build it, Write it!
The children are really enjoying this activity in the classroom. Words are changed regularly and either focus on the day's phonics teaching or on the tricky words we are learning.
Class Assembly
We want to thank all of our parents for coming to our class assembly. The hall was full of smiling, encouraging faces. The children tried really hard to learn their lines and speak in clear voices, we hope you managed to hear us?! We are really proud of all the children, it can be very daunting to speak in front of so many people and they all tried so hard. 
Attached below are the slides from the assembly if you would like to read through it.  
PE with Mr Simmons
In Spring Term 1 Reception have been working on developing their ball skills. Here are the learning objectives we have been focusing on.
Learning objectives:
To move a ball around a space using different body parts.
To move a ball around spaces, dodging and moving safely around others.
To develop bouncing, rolling and catching skills.
To develop control using larger and smaller balls.
Children's Mental Health Week
Growing Together
As part of our focus on our mental health we have enjoyed sharing the stories 'Friendship is like a Seesaw' and 'The Playground is like the Jungle'. It really made us think about our behaviours and how we can support others if they are feeling down. 
We have had lots of class discussions about what we can do to help us all 'grow together'. We all know that human beings change and grow – we do it all the time and in many different ways. Physical growth is easy to see as we grow from babies to children, teenagers to adults. But growing emotionally is also an important part of our development. Things that upset us when we were younger may no longer overwhelm us as we grow and learn to cope with life’s ups and downs. Challenges and set-backs can help us to grow and adapt. Trying new things can help us to move beyond our comfort zone into a new realm of possibility and potential. However, emotional growth is often a gradual process that happens over time, and sometimes we might feel a bit ‘stuck’. At these times we are reminded of how much we need others in our lives to help us to keep growing. We need our parents and carers, our teachers, our friends and others to support us to grow, especially when things get tough. We often need others to help us to believe in ourselves, to keep going, and to try doing things a bit differently. Even when we have experienced really difficult challenges in our lives, with the right support, we can continue to grow and flourish.
Let it Snow! 
We made the most of the Spring snow this morning and had great fun on the field with our friends.