Spring Term

Spring Term
Welcome back to school after a well deserved Christmas break. 
LO- To know how to describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials. 
In Science we continued our work on materials. We talked about the properties of materials. Children worked in groups to use scientific language to describe materials according to their properties- hard, soft, stretchy, stiff, shiny, dull, smooth, rough, transparent, opaque. We then investigated and sorted the materials together. 
LO- To know how to use atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom.
This term we will be learning about where we live. this week we have been looking at our world on Google Earth. We learned about the countries which make up the United Kingdom. We had a go at finding the United Kingdom on a globe and then in atlases. 
We then had a go at labelling the different countries independently. 
LO- To know about the work of a famous artist- Mondrian
This term we are learning about our class artist- Mondrian. We have been looking at the work of Mondrian and we have been learning about his life. Mondrian was a Dutch artist who lived over one hundred years ago. He liked to use primary colours and basic shapes to create his pieces of work. We used our sketch books to display our learning. 
LO: To mix explore colour mixing
We used water colour paint to learn about the primary colours. Mondrian used primary colours in his paintings. 'Primary colours can't be made'. We made a colour wheel using the three primary colours and then had a go at creating the three secondary colours by mixing. 
LO- To order numbers
We had a lot of fun ordering numbers. We played lots of practical games to embed our learning. 
Library Time
Each week on Wednesday afternoon we enjoy our class library time. 
LO: To have knowledge about special religious days
In our RE lessons we have been learning about special days. We learned about Christianity and at Christmas time we thought about the story of Christmas. We thought about ways in which Christmas is celebrated and why Christmas is important to Christians around the world. We also learned about Islam. We talked about Eid. We learned about why Eid is celebrated by Muslims and how it is celebrated around the world. This week we talked about what it means to be Sikh. We talked about Diwali which is a festival celebrated by Sikh and Hindu families. Diwali is the festival of light and we enjoyed making diva pots out of clay as part of our learning. 
We have enjoyed sharing our talking rules this week during our oracy lessons. 
LO: To retrieve information from a text
We have been reading the story of Katie in London by James Mayhew. To secure our understanding of the text we have done a variety of activities. Today the children looked at pictures from the text and and answered comprehension questions verbally in groups. The children enjoyed reading the questions and talking about the answers. 
School Trip to Skipton Castle
To launch our History topic we went on a visit to Skipton Castle. We had a wonderful day and learned a lot about how life was many years ago. We learned about the parts of a castle and about the people who lived in a castle. We thought about how life has changed. 
LO: To learn about the work of a famous artist (Mondrian) 
To complete our work on Mondrian, we have had a go at making our own Mondrian design. 
Maths Day
We have enjoyed taking part in the NSPCC maths day. We made domino t-shirts and made our own maths games. We enjoyed a maths story challenge 'How Many Legs?' and made our own domino number runs. 
LO- To plan and design a structure (castles) 
After our trip to Skipton Castle we have been learning a lot about how castles were built and the features of a castle. This week we have been learning about structures. We have completed some challenges to find out which shapes are the strongest when building a structure. We had a Lego challenge to build the tallest free standing tower. We discovered the importance of a strong base and found out that the tall thin towers were weak. The towers that were more pyramid shaped were able to stand the most strongly. We also completed a challenge using straws, card, tape and scissors. We had to try to make a free standing structure to hold the weight of two biscuits. We worked as teams and tried to use our knowledge to build a secure structure. 
following these investigations we have now started to design our own castles. We are going to have a go at building our castles by following our designs. 
LO- To build a structure
Today we followed our plans and built our own castles. We thought about making our castles stronger, stiffer and more stable. When our castles were completed we then had a go at painting them. It has been a lot of fun. 
Library Visit
Today we went to chose a book at the library to bring home. Our library day is Wednesday and so each Wednesday we will be going to change our books in the library. 
Break the rules day!
We have had a lot of run breaking all the rules today!
Magic Week
To Launch our week of magic in school. Dazzling Darren the magician came to visit. he was amazing and the children loved his magical assembly. We can't wait to have a go. 
LO- To count in 2's
We have been practising counting in 2's. We ordered numbers and used our pairs of feet to help us to count in 2's.  
Happy World Book Day
PE - Invasion games
Learning objective
Develop basic knowledge surrounding attacking.
PE - Invasion games
Learning objective
Develop the basic knowledge surrounding defending.
PE - Invasion games
Learning objective
Develop the skills needed to throw to a teammate.
Develop the skills needed to catch a ball sent by a teammate.
Magic- English
LO- To write a recount
LO- To write instructions
We have been practising the tricks that Dazzling darren taught us. We have become pretty good magicians. We have had a go at writing about our day learning about magic. We wrote some instructions too. 
LO- To know about special places
Today we went on a trip to the Gurdwara. We learned all about what it means to be a Sikh. 
Happy Red Nose Day from 1D
LO- to identify the change of season
LO- to draw from observation
We went on a spring walk. We looked for signs of spring and drew the beautiful spring daffodils from observation
LO- To know the key features of a church
We went for a walk down to the local church and we listened to Reverend Jim who told us all about Christianity and the key features of a church.