Spring Term

PE - Dance with Mr Simmons
This term we have been learning the 'Lion King' dance routine. Throughout the term, children have met the following learning objectives.
  • Copy and remember moves and positions.
  • Move with some control and coordination.
  • Link two actions to perform a sequence.
  • Choose movements to communicate a mood, feeling or idea.
Skipton Castle 
1G enjoyed first hand experience today on their trip to Skipton Castle. They looked at key features of a castle and enjoyed exploring the Castle too. 
We discussed how people use to live a long time ago and what roles different people had in the Castle. 
DT - Structures
We have been very busy looking at structures linking to our history topic! We experimented how to create a strong tower using lego and discussed our thoughts and opinions through dialogic talk.
We then used straws and paper to create a tower in groups that was strong enough to hold a biscuit.
Great team work today!
RE - Learning about Special Days 
We have been learning all about Divali in 1G and we have loved making our own Diva Lamps.
Take a look!
Maths - 10s and 1s
We have loved learning practically in maths. It helps us understand place value. We have been looking at numbers up to 50. We used different resources to help us embed our understanding.
History - Coats of Arms 
We thought carefully about our own coat of arms. We thought carefully about what makes us special and unique. We also thought about our likes and dislikes and created our own coats of arms.
Science - Classifying Animals through dialogic talk
We have been looking at different groups of animals and how we could sort them into different groups. Through dialogic talk, we organised the animals and explained our thinking to our friends. We used key features of the different animal groups of help us explain.
We embedded our learning by playing interactive games!
World Book Day and Magic Week!
This week was a special week in school because we had a vey special visitor who was a magician! 
He began by starting with a special assembly which wowed us all!
He then visited 1G and taught us some magic tricks too!
Bedtime Story 
1G took part in a special bedtime story evening before they went to bed! They came back in their pyjama's for a bedtime story read by Miss Gardner. They answered some clues and guessed what book Miss Gardner had hidden!
They listened  to stories and even got to choose their very own book to take home and keep!
Maths - Counting in groups of 2
We have enjoyed using concrete objects to help us count in 2s. 
RE - Special Places 
1G loved visiting the Gurdwara this half term! It was great to experience a special place of worship first hand. The children expressed how much they loved this school trip too!
They learnt lots of facts and were very respectful on the trip. They asked fantastic questions to Mr Singh too!
1G Parent Reading Session
Every Thursday we invite our parents in to make memories sharing and reading books together. This is a lovely time which we all enjoy!
Shooting Goals against Billy Bantam
Take a look at our super writing from our magic workshop with Dazzling Darren!
PE - Multi-skills lesson!
We were taught lots of skills to help us win a multi-sports competition which is coming up soon! We worked in groups and supported each other when learning these skills. 
Computing - Digital Writing
We have been learning how to log on and off the computers.
We have also been learning how to use to computers for different purposes. We have been practising typing on the key board and explored the keyboard too!
Maths - Exploring Length
We have begun exploring length with Miss Gardner. We initially started exploring length by organising different lengths in groups. We were asked to use the vocabulary 'long, longer, longest' and 'short, shorter and shortest' in discussions to help us compare different lengths.
PE - Multi-skills with Mr Simmons
Retrieval Race - Phase 2 
We took part in a retrieval race in the playground all about 'The Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark'.
 We recorded our answers on whiteboards and used the text to help us find the answers.
Maths - Comparing Height
The children enjoyed drawing and comparing Miss Potter, Miss Gardner and Mrs Carter according to their height. They wrote sentences comparing them closely.
They used the vocabulary ' tall, taller and tallest' and 'short, shorter and shortest' 
Computing - Digital Writing 
The children have made fantastic progress in computing and have begun to be more independent logging on and off the computer.
They are able to access google docs and type using the keyboard.
In today's lesson they learnt about the backspace, enter and capital letters. They also had a go at changing the size and colour of our writing! 
Maths - Measuring using non standard measures
Children were very accurate when measuring using non standard units today! They made sure the cubes were the same size and were connected properly! They recorded their measurements in their maths books and remembered to put 'cubes' at the end!
RE - Church Visit 
Today we walked down to our local Church ' Holy Trinity Church' to learn about about a special place of worship. We met Reverend Jim and Reverend Leah who spoke to us all about Christianity. We explored the key features of a church and special celebrations which take place in the Church.
Science - Animals - What do they eat?
Today we explored different diets animals have. We found out that animals eat lots of different foods and some animals are carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.  
They worked in tables to categorise the animals first then then the children demonstrated their understanding of different groups by drawing!
Maths - Using a ruler to measuring in centimeters
Accurate measuring using a ruler today. Children remembered the skills of measuring to make sure it was accurate and correct!
English - Piecing a Non -Chronological report back together using key features to help them!]
Linking to our current story in English ' The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark'  and our Science topic of 'Animals' we have begun collecting facts about animals that we already know. 
We have learnt key features of a Non- Chronological report for example, Heading, Sub-headings, Facts and Photographs.
The children then organised facts to the correct subheading! Their reading was fantastic and peer and peer support was brilliant too! 
English - Is it a ! ? .  (Phase 3)
The children took part in an interactive lesson to recognise whether sentences were questions, exclamations or statements. They moved around the classroom and explained their answers.