Spring Term

Happy New Year!
Well 2021 isn't starting in the way we had planned but we will continue to add pictures to this page to keep you informed of what everyone in RW is getting up to! Take care and stay safe everyone. Hopefully we will all be together again soon!
FUN in the SNOW!!!
Winter is very definitely here with the snow arriving for a fun few days. Take a look to see what we got up to in the snow:
Home Learning Activities in January
For the children who are at home they have continued to be busy completing tasks on Google Classroom and taking part in other activities. Have a look at what they have got up to:
In Reception we have continued to focus on learning the phonemes and graphemes that represent each sound. We are now trying to remember the trickier digraphs! Children who are working at home have been sending in fantastic evidence of their home learning after watching our learning videos. 
In maths we have been busy learning and understanding numbers within six, addition and subtraction and completed a week on measures. Look at what has been happening at home.
The Amazing Adventures of Max
We have used Pie Corbett's talk for writing stimulus 'The Amazing Adventures of Max' story to support our topic and writing work. Max is a black Labrador who loves to go on adventures. 
Here is the link if you would like to hear the story: 
Look at what else we have been up to whilst learning at home:
Percy the Park Keeper
Both the children in school and those learning at home have really enjoyed using the Percy stories by Nick Butterworth to support their English work. We began with the story 'One Snowy Night' and then moved onto 'The Secret Path'. 
For the children in school they have loved role playing the story in our very own hut! Take a look at the photos below:
We have also enjoyed learning all about the Red Fox. We found out lots of facts, learnt to label the key parts of its body, took part in a quiz and wrote our own simple sentences to show what we had learnt.
On the last day of home learning the children were challenged to create a piece of fox art work. They had a step by step guide to follow for drawing the shape but then worked creatively to add the colour and detail. Look how well they have done!
Monday 8th March
Welcome Back to School!
We have loved being back at school with all of our friends. Look at just a few of the things we have been up to:
We launched our work on 'Supertato' for World Book Week by meeting some of the characters from the story. The children were excited to know where the evil pea was lurking! We enjoyed lots of great activities in the classroom, including making our very own Supertato! 
We have also worked hard to learn a shorter version of the story. We followed picture clues and used actions to help us to remember the sequence of the story. Here is our first attempt at filming it!
World Book Day 2021
This year the theme was Superheroes. We all looked fantastic dressed up as our favourite Superheroes for World Book Day. 
ZooLab UK
We were very lucky to have Lydia from Zoolab visit us. She brought a variety of creatures for us to see and learn about. 
Comic Relief 2021
We have had a fun 'Red Nose Day' in reception supporting Comic Relief. We came to school dressed in our own clothes for the day.
In assembly with mrs Keighley, Nashwa shared her joke:
Knock, knock
Whose there?
Chicken who?
bwok, bwok, bwok, bwok, bwok!
Millie also shared this joke with the class:
Why did the cow cross the road?
Because they wanted to go to the mooovies!
Parachute PE!
In our PE lesson Mr Simmons taught us how to hold, control and play a variety of games using the big parachute. It was so much fun!
More Supertato!
We have continued to pratise retelling the story of Supertato by using the story map to help us. We cut up the story map into sentences and worked with a partner to sequence correctly. We then recorded our voices retelling the story. Have a listen!