Spring Term

Izzy has been using her globe to help her locate different countries for her geography work.
Charlie has been keeping busy indoors and outdoors. Not only has been working really hard on his home learning tasks but has managed to fit in some outdoor activities too!
Isa used an Experimake kit to help him create a volcanic eruption.
Grace has really been enjoying her online learning and in between completing her work she had fun in the snow and has been pebble painting. 
As you can see from the smile on Aavan's face, he really enjoyed testing different liquids as part of his lava investigation.
James and Charlotte have a lovely time in the snow. They created mini snow men on and by the gate.

Cole has been working extremely hard completing a number of different tasks and even got his sister and dog involved!
Manraj has been concentrating hard, trying to work through his tasks on Google Classroom.
Ted's lava investigation results.
Oscar, Amber and Eva have been using an atlas to locate countries on map.
In school, the children enjoyed and explored the snow! It was so much fun!
Mrs Marsden set the children a task to recreate the  'Walking Man' by Alberto Giacometti. Take a look at these fantastic drawings.
We designed buildings that would be safe from an earthquake.
Grace has been using her time productively! She has been baking, learning how to plait, exploring outdoors and painting pebbles.
Grace your plait skills will come in handy during our residential later on in your years to come at Blakehill!
Take a look at our wonderful earthquake proof houses and volcano sketches!
Mrs Marsden set the children a task to draw their own Iron Man robot. Here is what the children produced.
Charlotte looks delighted at creating shadows. She has also organised her 2, 4 and 8 times tables using a venn diagram.
In RE we have been thinking about which groups or communities we belong to and made a poster to represent this.
James has organised his 2, 4 and 8 times tables using a venn diagram.
This week in English, the children have been designing and describing their own dinosaurs. Look at the fantastic writing and creations they have produced.
Manraj has been investigating materials and has been working hard to complete his online learning tasks.
For Children's Mental Health week, the children chose an activity to complete in a relaxed space with another person in their home to talk about their feelings. Here are some of the activities the children completed.
Pola - This is a CD with Polish songs, which Pola got from her Grandparents. It really makes her happy. 
Izzy - I made a positivity jar for my mental health activity. When I am feeling sad or down, I open the jar and pick out a message to make me feel better. They are all kind messages to myself.
I have decorated it with bright wrapping paper and says on the front - see one of these when you're feeling down.
We have been researching information on our chosen dinosaur to help us to write a non chronological text. Look at these fabulous reports!
We created posters for Safer Internet Day. We know how to stay safe online.
Mrs Marden set the children an Art task around the theme of hearts as Valentine's Day is approaching. Hearts also tie in with our school ethos of kindness and caring for one another. 
Grace has written some fantastic predictions on what she thinks our new class text will be about.
The children wrote a poem using the instructions from the poetry machine to help them set it out. They used nouns, adjectives, similes and verbs. They children really love impressing us!
We loved coming as superheroes for World Book Day!
Computer Science
We had a go at creating an algorithm to tell our beebots where to go. When we made a mistake in our code, we learnt how to debug it.