Spring Term

Welcome to Spring term! 
On this page there will be pictures of year 5 children doing lots of work in school, and also pictures from the remote learning! 
In our first week of remote learning it snowed very heavily. We were suppose to be doing some PE outside, however this turned into some fun in the snow! Which we didn't mind! 
Oscar has been working extremely hard, completing his home learning tasks on google classrooms everyday! Although I don't think his dog is too impressed... We certainly are! Well done Oscar! 
In Science we are looking at different materials and how we can describe them. Zac found lots of different materials around his house, and labelled them describing what they are made of! Good effort Zac! 
Zac took his PE lesson outdoors into the woods. He spent his time climbing, running and balancing and he also found a puddle with ice on the top and water below. Good work Zac! 
Alongside the remote learning, Bonnie has been getting outside in the fresh air, rain or shine!! Here are some pictures of a soggy dog walk at Peel Park. Looks like lots of fun! 
Edward has been doing his own Science experiments at home! Here is a picture of Edward finding out whether salt is soluble or not! Well done Edward! 
Snow Day
Here is a collection of pictures from the snow days we had! It looks like many of 5L had lots of fun! 
Not only did Olivia play out in the snow, and make an awesome snowman. She also completed the online learning as well- with a little help from her cute cat! 
Here is a picture of Oscar and Finley from RW playing in the snow. 
Bonnie has been working very hard at home and created this fantastic poster about recycling! It's very informative and colourful!
Louis has also been working extremely hard at home and created a fantastic poster about recycling! He has done a brilliant title that stands out with lots of information!
Oliver had lots of fun in the snow with his brother and dad. Look at the size of the giant snowball they made!! Very impressive!
Even though Evie has been in school, she has also been working extremely hard at home! She even got outside and had lots of fun in the snow, just look at that big smile on her face! 
Zac and his brother Max had lots of fun in the snow! Look how impressive their snowman is! Well done boys! 
Jasper created a fantastic poster about recycling. His drawing and bubble writing is brilliant! Well done!
Bonnie has been busy baking. She chose a recipe from a book called “mug cakes”, measured all her ingredients out and made herself a chocolate brownie mug cake. I think we can all agree it looks delicious! Well done Bonnie- hope you enjoyed eating it! 
Ava had lots of fun in the snow and even came across this MASSIVE snowball that several grown men made rolling it down Highfield road! They couldn’t get it past school!! But still very impressive! 
Here is a picture of Ethan's fantastic poster about recycling! The earth he has drawn and coloured in is brilliant! Well done! 
Zac put in a lot of effort yesterday and produced this absolutely fantastic power point about our solar system! Well done Zac- I am extremely impressed! 
Here are some fantastic drawings of the Abbey in Whitby, which was an art task set on Tuesday. See if you can spot yours!
Olivia has been very busy at home doing extra work. Here is Olivia doing a science experiment using a solution made of distilled water and salt. She evaporated the solution to leave salt crystals! Looks fantastic Olivia, well done!
Alishia has been doing some fantastic writing at home. She has been writing up her English work instead of typing it up. This is really good practise as we usually write everyday in school! How neat is her writing!? Well done Alishia! 
Daisy has also been writing up some of her English work. She has worked really hard carefully forming her letters onto her page. I am really impressed with how neat it turned out! Her English work was also fantastic!! Well done Daisy! 
Yusef has made this fantastic model of the solar system ON TOP of doing all the online learning as well!! This model is fantastic and he clearly spent a lot of time making it!! Well done Yusef! 
Bonnie has drawn & coloured a lovely picture of a sloth! Look at how colourful it is, and she has managed to blend the colours together! What a fantastic picture and a very cute sloth! 
Bonnie is becoming a fabulous baker! This week she has baked some chocolate fairy cakes recipes by Mary Berry. How delicious do they look!? I'm sure we would all love to try some!! Well done Bonnie- keep it up!! 
Zac has not only been completing the online work, but has been extra busy getting up to lots of other stuff at home and outside! Keep it up Zac! 
Alishia has been out exploring her local areas, as well as completing all the work online! Well done Alishia! 
Evie had lots of fun in the snow again! This time she had her puppy playing with her! Look fun Evie! 
Tilly and Theo did some brilliant drawings of Whitby Abbey. Have a look! 
Have a look at these pictures of Whitby! I am really impressed! Well done to everybody who sent in their art work! 
Ava has taken up a new hobby during lockdown. She has started doing abstract art. Have a look at her drawings and the different shapes and colours she has created. This is a fantastic way to draw everyday objects/animals. 
In English we have started a new book called Greta's story for our World Book Day theme superheroes. This book covers the start of Greta Thunberg's protests and school strike for climate. We have learnt that Greta was really passionate about stopping climate change and wanted to make all politicians from around the world aware of how important the matter is. 
In our English lesson we focused on her first Fridays for future school strikes. We learnt that every Friday Greta decided to miss school and sit outside the Swedish houses of parliament with a placard protesting against climate change. She started doing this by herself but slowly, through the power of social media, grew crowds of people joining her. We realised that this must have attracted the attention of lots of newspapers and news reporters. 
We thought about what these reporters might have asked Greta and the other strikers, and what their response would have been. We paired up and one of us was the reporter, and one of us was a striker and we had a go at doing an interview. After that, we wrote the interviews in our books focusing on inverted commas for speech, synonyms for said and adverbs. 
Have a listen to some of our interviews: 
In Science we are looking at properties of materials. Our experiment involved us looking at lots of different item's, figuring out what they are made out of and using some scientific adjectives to describe them. We used words such as translucent, transparent, opaque, waterproof, flexible, a good conductor and brittle. 
We then sorted our items using venn diagrams to see which materials had more than one property and if they were similar. 
In Spanish we used our knowledge from the previous lesson on colours and learnt even more today. Firstly, we reminded ourselves what the colours were and then practised them in partners. We even tested each other! See some examples below: 
Next, we practised some new colours! We then did the same exercise and really tested each other on our knowledge of the new colours! Check out some clips below: 
We then put everything colour we had learnt together for the ultimate test! Have a look to see if the children managed to remember all 10! 
Our World Book Day theme was superheroes (and heroes who don't necessarily wear capes). Lots of children came to school in some fantastic costumes! Here's some pictures from our day: 
In music year 5 have been looking at The Fresh Prince of Bel Air song and understanding the lyrics. They are also learning the lyrics! 
In Science we looked at reversible and irreversible changes. Reversible changes – where a change is made physically and can be undone, or reversed. For example: freezing water to make ice. Irreversible changes – where the change is made chemically and can't be reversed into its original states. For example: baking a cake.
We conducted two experiments. Our first experiment was looking at reversible changes. We used hot water to melt some chocolate, which changed from a solid, into a liquid. We then left it by the window and let it cool. It returned back to its original form of being a solid. 
We then looked at irreversible changes. We put some white vinegar in a water bottle and some bicarbonate of soda in a balloon. We mixed them together and the chemical reaction from the mixture of both solutions released carbon dioxide which began to blow the balloon up! We then tried adding more (it was a little scary!). 
Here are some pictures of 5L in red for Red Nose Day!
Mr Simmons hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for our last PE lesson of this term. It was so much fun, yet very tiring running around the entire playground/school grounds! To top it off the sun was shining brightly! Some children even won prizes!!