Spring Term

Spring 1
The children created observational studies using 4b pencils to create tone.
We attended two workshops this term.
Bradford Cathedral Choir came into school and we sang with them. We also watched, sang and played instruments with the Rock Steady team.
We have been learning orienteering skills this term. We worked as teams to complete obstacles and help one another.
We visited the Bradford Cathedral to learn about the signs and symbols in Christianity. We have been learning about features of a church, the inside of the church and Christianity as a whole in RE.
We have been learning about magnets and forces. We explored the north and south pole of the magnets and learnt about how magnets attract and repel. We have also set up experiments to observe magnetic forces.
In preparation of creating a clay structure of our Iron man we were inspired by Alberta Giacometti. We used pipe cleaners to create our own 'Walking Men' exploring different poses. 
To be able to write instructions, we made paper models of the Iron Man. We cut around shapes and then used split pins to put it together. We later wrote about what we had done.
Penalty Shoot Out
Every year we take part in the Bradford City penalty shoot out.  The children took penalty shots against Billy Bantam. The children really encouraged each other and enjoyed themselves.
ICT - E-Safety
We were visited by Luke Carson, who spoke to us about keeping safe online. He discussed setting up secure passwords and ensuring we only access secure websites.
Spring 2

We have been reading about factors that affect our planet. Today we read information texts on pollution, deforestation and household waste.

Did you know...
air pollution creates toxic gas - Kobe.
You can recycle plastic, metal and clothes - Kai and Tegh

Do you know there are five types of pollution, light, air, water, noise, soil - Angel
To start the day we enjoyed working out our times tables facts using a grid. 
This really woke us up this morning!

This term we are learning about Athletics.
We followed Mrs Javed's instructions and moved around the playground by running, skipping, jogging, walking and practiced throwing.

We looked at an information text and created our own heading and subheadings.
We used questions and statements to write these.
We then organised them into our books.
World Book Day
We enjoyed coming into school dressed as our favourite book characters.
Design Technology
As part of our curriculum carousel we will be designing and making our own greenhouses.
We have started looking at existing greenhouses and looking at how we can make a stable greenhouse.
Art - Sketching
We have been sketching images based on our English topic for Earth Week. We have taken inspiration from the illustrations in our class book Guardians of the Planet.