Spring Term

Spring 1
In PE, we have been learning about orienteering. In the first week, we develop our team building skills by trying to cross an area of 'lava' as a team using only one hoop. 
We then learnt about the 4 compass points and played a game applying our learning. After that, we got out a map and had to practise moving around while ensuring the map is orientated the correct way. Finally, we played a matching game where we learnt about different map symbols. 
Since we have completed swimming, it was time for PE with Mr Simmons. Normally, it will be indoors but this week we went outside to do some take part in some team building tasks. 
We have started the year by looking at short multiplication. We began doing it practically using place value counters before using the more abstract formal method.
We then moved onto short division using counters at first to understand the method. 
This half term we are learning about electricity. We started by trying to see if we could make a bulb work before learning about what makes a simple circuit. 
We then predicted and tested whether circuits would work or not before learning about insulators and conductors. 
After investigating what happened if we put a spoon into a working circuit, we learnt about insulators and conductors. This raised lots of questions which we then answered by a new investigation considering which materials make the best conductors. 
We then took part in a pattern seeking investigation. to see which rooms in our houses have the most plug sockets. 4H completed this at home and presented it as a graph in their books. This allowed us to compare results and draw conclusions. We then used our computing skills to present the information as a graph on Purple Mash with all axis labelled and a title. 
We took part in a learn to rock workshop where children from Years 3 & 4 got to join a band while we helped them keep the rhythm and sing a long. 
Bradford City
We had the annual visit from Bradford City to take part in their penalty shootout. We all had a great fun but sadly Mr Hodges missed. 
This half term we have developed a range of skills.
Following our learning about computing science with Mrs Roberts, we tested what we have learnt by completing challenges with our sprites.
We have spent some time developing our typing speed and accuracy. 
For our e-safety, we used Google Interland to consider who we should share different types of information with and what needs to go into the lock box. 
On Safer Internet Day, we completed Purple Mash's e-safety quiz and challenges. 
We also had our annual visit from Police Officer Carson who delivered another engaging session around e-safety. 
This half term we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and his different sculptures. 
We went outside and tried to create our own art out of the natural materials we could find in school.
In DT we have been developing our sewing skills and applying them to create bookmarks.
Spring 2
This half term we are learning about plastic. We spent time retrieving key facts from varying texts and videos which we can the use in our writing. 
We then took part in a short debate around the question, "Is it okay for someone to use a plastic straw because they don't like paper ones?"
As part of our sculpture topic, we re created a picture of a sculpture using a collage of card and adding chalk for detail. 
In Spanish we have been learning about the different cities of Spain and how to introduce ourselves. 
PE - Cricket
In PE this half term we are learning about striking and fielding games with a focus on cricket. In our first session we practised our catching skills before testing our striking ability. We used tennis rackets and cricket bats with rounders bats as a challenge. 
In our second week, we revisited key fielding skills such as the long barrier and overarm throwing. We then applied these skills and our batting one's from the week before into a game of 4 way cricket. 
PE - Dance
In PE with Mr Simmons, we have began a dance unit where we practised dancing to a count of 8. 
In maths we began learning about area using numicon. After that, we practised this playing an area game. 
In science we are learning about dangers to living things. We started the topic by researching found chains from both Britain and around the world. 
When considering what humans eat, we sorted foods into different types of meat or vegetables. After that, we drew food chains for both vegetarians and meat eaters to identify any differences.