Spring Term

A big hello from 1G!
Take a look at our fantastic freeze frames and thought tracking whilst studying the book "Katie in London" in our English lessons. We got into character and put ourselves in their shoes.
We explored an Atlas today in Geography and learnt about the United Kingdom. We located the four countries in the United Kingdom and then we tested our friends. We linked it to our English too. 
Today we visited the Gurdwara to learn about about Sikhism. We explored the building and learnt about why the Gurdwara is special to some people. We learnt about the 5Ks too. It was really interesting!
Morning writing is a good start to the day!
We love reading with our grown ups on a Thursday morning in school!
We have been learning about the split a_e digraph in phonics. We thought of words with the sound in and used our phonics to write them down. We had a go at writing them in a sentence.
Katie in London Writing
Take a look at our fabulous retell of the story " Katie in London" by James Mayhew.
Library Time
Library time takes place on a Friday in 1G. We get the opportunity to go into the library and select a book to take home and share with our grownups. During our visit to the library we have a story from Miss Gardner or Mrs Grattan and have time to relax and explore the books with our friends.
Maths - Exploring Fact Families 
In Maths we have been exploring fact families. we used concrete objects to help us understand the concept. 
We have been learning about Data Handling in Computing. 
we have learnt how to use a pictogram and we created our own on the computer. We made a pictogram on the carpet and sorted everyone into their house point groups. We then transferred the information on to the computer. Take a look.
We created our very own seasons calendar in Science!
Data Handling
We have been very busy in the computer suite making pictograms about our favourite flags in the United Kingdom. We collected our data and transferred it on to a pictogram.
English - Phase 1 (Predicting)
Take a look at our predictions for Katie in London!
Chicking Clicking - English
We have been hot seating in English today. We thought of questions to ask the chick who was the main character in the story. One of our friends pretended to be the chick and we were the detectives. We asked the chick lots of questions and she had to reply.
Phonics - split digraph i_e
In phonics today we have been learning about the split digraph i_e. We played a game and challenged our friends to blend the words together. If we got it right we got a point!
Maths - Exploring base 10 using concrete objects
In maths we have been hands on with our learning. We have been exploring place value and looking at the value of different numbers. We used the base ten to make different numbers to deepen our understanding.  
Reading Phones in 1G
1G have been busy using their reading phones during our early reading sessions! The children loved listening to their own voices when reading!
World Book Day
We had a magical world book day with our friends. We enjoyed dressing up and sharing some of our favourite books with friends.
Home Learning Challenge 
1G have been very busy working with their grown ups at home in this half terms home learning challenge! They were set the task of creating a sea creature using recycled materials.
We have been learning practically in maths to add by counting on. We know that we have to start with the biggest number in the number sentence and count on to find the total. We did this with our friends.
English - Non Fiction
We have been busy this morning learning all about fiction and non fiction texts. Miss Gardner set us a challenge to organise the books in to fiction books and non fiction books. We then had to compare the non fiction books and find the features of non fiction books.
In Science we have been very busy learning about plants. We have labelled the parts of a plant and then we explored a real plant looking for the important parts: Stem,Roots,Leaves,Petals.  
We then went outside and planted them carefully. We are going to look after them to make sure they grow.
Computing - Information Literacy 
We have been using the internet to research facts about plants. We used iPads and a QR code to find exciting facts out about Plants.