Spring term

Performance Poetry 
This morning 5R have been reading poetry from "Be the change" ,written with Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens. After evaluating some performances of poetry yesterday we used applied some the techniques identified to our own performances today. 
This week we looked at the question ¿Cómo te llamas? Which translates into English as what is your name?
We practised our pronunciation of the question then went onto learning how to respond to it with: yo me llamo...
We also learnt how to then ask the person what their name is once we have responded to the original question. We found some of the pronunciation tricky today but enjoyed trying! Some of us even tried to add the question from last week into our conversation! 
As part of our mini-topic based around Earth Day and raising awareness of climate change, we have created some sculptures based around the plastic bottle artworks of Veronika Richterová, a Czech artist who demonstrates the potential to find beauty in garbage. 
Verionika Richterová, who cuts, heats, twists and melts plastic bottles together to create her masterpieces, is well-known for transforming plastic materials in a number of ways. She calls her work PET-ART as PET is the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate, the technical name for the common plastic she works with.
We sanded, cut, manipulated, shaped, and painted our bottles to create our own versions of Richterová's butterflies. 
Blackout Poetry
As part of our mini-topic for Earth Day we have been reading Greta's Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went On Strike To Save The Planet. We have learnt lots of facts about Greta Thunberg and how she is fighting for climate change.
We have looked at some of the pages from the biography in detail today, and realised as a class that we all thought different sections of information were the most important: this what formed the beginning of our blackout poems. 
Using the variety of pages from the biography, children circled the words or phrases that stood to them and created an image related to these words or theme of the page to 'blackout' the rest of the text. 
On a Monday we do our weekly arithmetic session with Mrs Russell. Recently, some of Mrs Russell's maths group have taken on the responsibility of acting as maths tutors during these sessions. This has really helped the children in Mrs Hall and Miss Lancaster's maths groups and we can now see children becoming more confident with their arithmetic methods. Keep up the hard work! 
On a Tuesday we are now learning a new language! Lots of us were very excited to hear that we are now learning Spanish! Many of us have traveled to Spain for a holiday or will be traveling to Spain in the future so we are really looking forward to learning Spanish. 
We started our language unit by thinking about where in the world Spain is and about the Geography of Spain. We discussed many things that are associated with Spain such as foods, traditions and football teams! We were able to name many Spanish cities thanks to our knowledge of Spanish football teams! 
This week we looked at the question ¿Cómo está? which translates into English as how are you?
World Book Day 2020
Thank you for the fabulous effort made by 5R for world book day! There was some brilliant costumes on display! We managed to share a story at 5 different points today and it was lovely to have time together looking at different stories and enjoying them together
Battle of Marathon
Today we created freeze frames showing how people reacted to the Battle of Marathon. Our freeze frames included: Pheidippides, an eye witness, a Persian soldier, a reporter, an Athenian soldier and a Spartan soldier. The reporter then interviewed each of the characters and we recorded the quotes to use in our newspaper reports about the Battle of Marathon. 
Media - Stop Motion Animation
This afternoon we applied all of our learning on stop motion animation and created a short animation based around the Ancient Greek Olympics. 
Using the stop motion app, the children created their animations. The children thought about the background they needed for their animation and thought about how how they could strengthen their clay models to allow them to be moved easily without any breakages. The groups thought about how they needed to keep the camera in the same position and used the overlay function on the stop motion app to allow them to see where they took their previous still.

The stop motion animations were then edited by importing them into iMovie and adding sound effects, music and title slides. We hope you enjoy the finished animations! 
This afternoon we had a visit from PC Luke Carson. Luke spoke to us about our use of technologies that connect to the internet and the dangers that can come with these technologies if not used responsibly. 
We thought about the different social networking platforms that we have access to and how we need to think carefully about what we post on these networking sites. Luke also spoke to us about legislations and laws that effect children from the age of 10 years old. This gave 5R lots to think about and there was lots of discussion points after the session with Luke. 
Media - Stop Motion Animation
This afternoon we expanded our learning on stop motion animation and started to think about how we can make objects move. 
Using the clay once again, we thought about animals or people could move and how we could make a short sequence of stills to show this movement. We will now use these skills to create a short animation based around the Ancient Greek Olympics. 
Media - Stop Motion Animation
This afternoon we learnt about stop motion animation. We looked at examples of stop motion animation from the last 100 years and then looked at the techniques used for clay motion animation. 
We had a go at using the technique of entering and exiting either horizontally or vertically with a ball or a cylinder. We used a "black hole" for exiting vertically. 
Online identify 
Our class blogger Freya took part in today’s whole school assembly with Mr Hodges. Mr Hodges and the bloggers spoke to everyone about the identify we create for our selves online and how we need to be careful about how we portray our selves online as this creates an impression of us to others. 
Greek Myths
Today 5R have planned a modern version of Theseus and Minotaur. They have taken inspiration from ready player 1 to plan a narrative set in the future where Theseus enters a virtual reality gaming world to defeat the Minotaur. There has been a real buzz in the classroom today and we can not wait to see how our modern myths turn out! 
Greek Inventions: Souvlaki
Today we investigate the Greek Souvlaki. We looked at images of an ancient Greek Souvlaki without any information about it and tired to figure out what the ancient Greek's used it for.  After learning about the Souvlaki and understanding how different a cooking method it was to the methods being used around the world at the time we tasted some chicken souvlaki and other Greek foods available to us now. We evaluated the foods thinking about their taste, texture, appearance and smell. 
Rock Steady Workshop
This morning 5R were lucky enough to take part in a "Rock Steady" music workshop. We learnt about what is needed to make a good band and had a go at playing some of the instruments that bands use, including the drums, keyboard and guitar. 
Year 5 and 6 worked together to keep a steady beat while some pupils used the instruments to play the music for the chorus for "We Will Rock You" by Queen.  
Democracy in Ancient Greece 
This afternoon 5R split into the two city states of Athens and Sparta. We re-created how the two cities were ruled. We had a discussion about which city would be better to live in and why. The majority of 5R decided Athens would be a better city to live in because they would have a say and didn't have to be in the army if they didn't want to!
This afternoon 5R took some time to think about the term "Racism".
The children thought about what the word Racism means and how it makes them feel. We talked about where we have seen racism and why it happens. The class were very mature and empathetic about the topic. 
We watched a BBc clip where a girl retold events that had happened to her during her time in school and looked at poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah. 

It would not be very good if you all had the same colour,

It would not be very good if you all had the same mother.


It would not be very good if we were from the same place,

It would not be very good if we all had the same face.


It would not be very good if we all wore the same clothes,

It would not be very good and every smart kid knows,

You’re not even the same as your own sister or brother,

So it would not be very good if we were copies of each other.


I don’t want to get personal, excuse me if I’m rude,

It would not be very good if we all ate the same food.


It would not be very good if we all had the same grin,

And it would not be very good if we all liked the same thing.


In my humble opinion we have to learn to share,

Because life would be quite strange if we all had the same hair.


We should celebrate our difference, the world’s full of different people,

But even though we’re different, we are all equal.

This week we challenged our selves to see how quickly we could use our skimming and scanning skills to find words in a text. The words that we found were mostly new vocabulary to us so we spent time afterwards using our meaning breakdown strategies to figure out what they meant. We discussed why the author might have chosen to use these words and how some of them would have different meanings in different contexts. 
Happy New Year from 5R!