Spring Term

Roald Dahl
We have really enjoyed finding out all about the life of Roald Dahl today. This morning we worked as a group to order events on a timeline and then created our own Roald Dahl timelines. This afternoon we worked hard with a partner to answer questions about the life and work of Roald Dahl using a website. 
We had lots of fun using Google Earth in our Geography work on aerial views. We labelled key landmarks and created our own maps of our routes to school.
We have been singing superstars today, auditioning for Bradford Cathedral Choir!
We have been using arrays in maths today to help us with our work on multiplication. 
We are very proud of our Roald Dahl portraits! We investigated different techniques for creating line and shading with an art pencil and then tried to use them in our work. 
We really enjoyed being scientists and investigating how we can change different materials by bending, twisting, stretching and squashing them. We were very good at recognising whether the changes we made were reversible or irreversible. 
We loved the Rock Steady Music Workshop today and all wanted to be part of the band!
Working hard to improve our times tables using TT Rockstars today!
We investigated materials to find out which were the most and least stretchy. We then ordered them according to their stretchiness.
We loved using watercolours today to paint pictures of the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
To understand how poor Charlie Bucket feels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we made and tasted cabbage soup today - some of us enjoyed it more than others! 
We have been finding out about things that are living, have once been alive or have never been alive. We worked in groups to share our ideas, before recording individually. 
We worked with a partner to program human robots using algorithms. We enjoyed giving our partners instructions to move safely around the classroom using 'forwards,' 'backwards,' 'left' and 'right' commands. 
We had some great discussions in our E-Safety lesson about Cyberbullying and what to do if we are being bullied. We worked in groups to talk about different scenarios and what advice we would give in each one. This included minimising ( not deleting ) mean messages and telling an adult or pressing the 'report it' button. 
We had a fabulous day at the Chocolate Factory in York. We found out all about how chocolate is made, tried lots of different chocolates and even made our own lollies and edible wallpaper! 
We enjoyed our visit today by some parents and friends and their babies and toddlers. We prepared some questions to ask them as part of our work on comparing the different stages of human growth. 
We enjoyed using Swiggle to find out about the life cycles of different animals as part of our science work on Living Things. 
Homework Projects
We are very proud of our amazing Homework Projects based on our work on Roald Dahl and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Well done everyone!
We made these fantastic silhouettes as part of our work on The Great Fire of London. We tore different coloured tissue paper to show the flames and then cut out black silhouettes of the burning buildings!
We really enjoyed our work on The Great Fire of London and rounded it all off with this fantastic assembly!
As part of our work on 'Earth Week' we have been finding out about endangered animals. We researched the different habitats and found out about the dangers faced by animals that live there and what we can do to help. 
A lovely evening was had by all at our Bedtime Story Evening. Mrs Pinder read us a story, we shared books with our parents and enjoyed a hot chocolate whilst watching 'Room on the Broom.'
We loved dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day!
As part of our work on the Islam Faith we enjoyed a really good morning at the Mosque!
We had a great time using recycled plastic bottles and modroc to make models of endangered animals. 
We enjoyed exploring Scratch Junior as part of our work on algorithms. 
Outdoor PE
We have had great fun working on our tennis skills in outdoor PE!
KS1 had a Road Safety Workshop this afternoon to find out all about how we can cross the road safely using the Green Cross Code.