Spring Term

Design Technology
For Earth Day we decided to create sculptures made out of 'leaves'. We were inspired by British artist Andy Goldsworthy, who uses his surroundings to create pieces of art. Some fantastic pieces of art created by 5L!
World Book Day
Here are some of our fantastic costumes from World Book Day! Well done to everybody who dressed up and got involved!! 
We have started learning Spanish in year 5. Our first lesson involved a basic phrase 'how are you?' We practiced our pronunciation and interacted with each other in Spanish. They were fantastic! 
In English we are looking at the Greek story 'Battle of Marathon'. We tried to put ourselves in Pheidippides shoes and think about what was going through his head when he was asked to run all the way to Sparta from Athens. We used drama to really think about his thought process and weighed everything up. We split into two groups and came up with reason for both sides of the argument. We then did a conscious alley with Eve doing a brilliant job as the part of Pheidippedes. The class had to persuade Eve to make the right choice; to run to Sparta, or stay in Athens. 
Eve came to a decision after her peers tried advising her down conscious alley. 
Here it is: 
To finish off our topic of the ancient Greeks we drew some sketches of famous landmarks in Greece. The children really thought about the detail and the different shading. 
Penalty Shootout
We had a special visit from Billy Bantam and his team from Bradford City Football Club. All of the children got the chance to take a penalty against Billy. We then had a competition: Blakehill Vs Bradford City! Blakehill won! We had a fantastic time. 
Luke Carson came in to talk about E-safety with year 5. We looked at which social media apps we use daily and how the internet and technology has developed over the years. We were also quite shocked to see how many apps we use on a daily basis are age restricted and are for older children! We talk about where we keep personal information and who we should and should not share it with. 
We have started looking at fractions in maths. We decided to use some blocks to help us visualise improper fractions. This really helped with learning as we could see how fractions are divided up. 
Here are some videos from our History/Computing lesson. We created some stop motion videos with clay models. The ideas 5L came up with were so creative! 
We have been thoroughly enjoying our Topic lessons on Ancient Greece. We are now focusing on the Olympics. We are creating a stop motion video (which is a video made up of lots of images) of an event from the Ancient Greek Olympics. We are going to make a background, and make our Olympians out of modelling clay. 
To start off we created some basic stop motion videos with a black background. 
In PE we have been looking at different ball skills. We have been taking part in some invasion activities, whilst looking at how to change direction and pass the ball. 
Ancient Greek
For our topic we have been studying ancient Greece. We looked at what they discovered/invented. One thing we found was a food called Souvlaki, and the use of skewers to cook meat. we found out about why it was useful for the Greeks and why we still use it today. The best part was trying the Souvlaki! We even tried other Greek foods like Feta Cheese, Pita bread with Tzatziki and olives (which not everybody enjoyed!!)
Rock Steady Workshop
We got the opportunity to play different instruments and create a rock band. The children's favourite instrument was the electric guitar! 
Topic Homework
Here are some examples of how much effort 5L put into this half terms topic homework. Well done all those that brought something in! 
In music year 5 have been looking at different features of some songs from the past. They had to present it on a poster. The best presented posters won a prize. Well done Bronwyn, Flo, Kobe and Elana! 
To continue our new topic (the ancient Greeks) we looked at a timeline. Our challenge was to sort out each major event in chronological order. We realised that unlike these days, the earliest time starts off larger (700BCE) and gets smaller (100BCE). 
In PHSE we looked at the word RACISM. We thought about what it truly means, any misconceptions and how it makes people feel who are victims of racism. We also watched a video about a girl who was bullied because of the colour of her skin. Some children described the video of 'horrible' and 'difficult to watch'. There was also a poem read by Benjamin Zephaniah which we also looked at and thought it was inspiring. 

It would not be very good if you all had the same colour,

It would not be very good if you all had the same mother.


It would not be very good if we were from the same place,

It would not be very good if we all had the same face.


It would not be very good if we all wore the same clothes,

It would not be very good and every smart kid knows,


You’re not even the same as your own sister or brother,

So it would not be very good if we were copies of each other.


I don’t want to get personal, excuse me if I’m rude,

It would not be very good if we all ate the same food.


It would not be very good if we all had the same grin,

And it would not be very good if we all liked the same thing.


In my humble opinion we have to learn to share,

Because life would be quite strange if we all had the same hair.


We should celebrate our difference, the world’s full of different people,

But even though we’re different, we are all equal.

To introduce our topic, The Ancient Greeks, we spent the afternoon researching the country Greece. 
We had to work in pairs to find out where Greece is on the world map, and look at different cities within Greece.