Spring Term

Welcome back to Reception. We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Whilst you are enjoying the last day of the holidays we are in school turning our classroom into 'The Deep Dark Wood'. I wonder what our next topic is going to be?
Today was our first day back in school. The children had a lot of fun exploring our new provision areas. This term we are exploring the 'deep dark wood'. We are going to be reading 'The Gruffalo'. Today we also learned about the 'j' grapheme. We played with jelly, jugs and traffic jams. 
We really enjoyed inviting our parents into school this morning to read together. Some children shared their book and others completed a caption matching activity.
We have started to receive some wonderful Christmas 'Learning logs'.
Today we had a circle time, we talked about feelings. We thought about being happy, what it feels like to be happy, how we can tell that a person is happy and what makes us happy. We made a 'Happy' poster for our classroom. 
We have been reading the Gruffalo this week and we have had a go at making story maps and re-telling the story in our own words. We have talked about the different parts of the story. Some children have really enjoyed learning about the Gruffalo and have used the puppets to tell the story independently in play. 
Our reading session this morning was a big success, almost half of our class managed to attend. The children had a fab time reading with their parents. 
We are enjoying learning about the Gruffalo at the moment. We have been making Gruffalo crumble and learned all about capacity. We have made owl icecream in the snow and Gruffalo tea in the water
We have been learning about the 'x' grapheme and the Gruffalo. There is a fox in the Gruffalo story. Fox has a 'x' sound at the end. Miss Hart made us a fox out of cornflour for our outside classroom. we have been writing down lots of words ending in 'x'. 
We have been learning to mix new colours using powder paint.
Another successful parents reading session this morning. Thank you for coming along. 
We have some exciting provision in reception today. An ice experiment in the water area is causing a lot of interest and outside we are chopping pasta and exploring small world adventures. 
Today 'Rock Steady' came to school and ran a rock workshop with Reception. The children loved it and had a go at playing lots of different instruments. Some parents came to join in too. 
We have had such an exciting time this week exploring our provision areas. 
We have enjoyed learning all about 3D shapes.
The 'qu' sound is very tricky. We have been making 'qu' words on our magnetic boards. 
We have been practising counting in 2's. 
We have had such a busy couple of weeks in Reception, take a look at our exciting learning opportunities. 
We had lots of fun at our Maths Challenge afternoon.
Ice and snow fun!
This week we are learning about measuring length. We have measured each other by drawing around our friends on big paper and then using different items in the classroom to measure their length. 
The children have been measuring out their own ingredients to make play dough. 
We have been having a lot of fun this week in our outdoor provision. 
The children loved their penalty shoot out against Billy Bantam this morning! They had a great time. 
Happy Pancake Day! 
Today we learned the ee digraph. Our outdoor provision helped us to remember our new digraph.
We have received some amazing Learning Logs this week. The children have been looking at 'change over time' and have been looking at how food changes when it is left out in the fresh air. 
Today we are launching our new topic- Superheroes! We are all very excited!
We have been doing some Superhero training and singing some Superhero songs. 
Last night we had a bedtime story night at school, lots of children came back to school in their night clothes with an adult and shared stories. It was a lovely evening. 
This week we are learning the 'oa' sound. We are exploring, oats, foam and boats floating in our provision. 
This week we have had a focus on hygiene and hand washing. We have been teaching the correct methods for washing hands and have learnt about germs and how they spread.
Today is World Book Day. Take a look at our costumes!
To support our learning of the 'oa' digraph we painted the 'oa' digraph on slices of bread with edible paint. Then we toasted it in a toaster. We spread butter on our toast and ate it, yum yum. 
We played a balloon game, writing oo words on balloons to help us to remember the oo sound. 
We are trying to save the carrots from the Evil Pea in our outdoor provision. 
The children have been making superhero transport at home for their learning log challenge! Wow!
The Evil Pea trapped the vegetables. Children in Reception had to save them.