Spring Term

Welcome back!

We hope you have all had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break and that you are ready for the term ahead of us! We are now entering the part of the school year where our children are going to be very focused as it is getting ever closer to their SATs. We would like to thank you for your support so far this year and hope that we can continue to rely on this as we move forward into 2020.

We understand that the pupils may start to get anxious about what is ahead of them, but we would like to re-assure you that we are here to support them and you. If you have any questions, worries or queries please feel free to speak to a member of the Year 6 team at the end of the school day.











Converting units

Perimeter, area and volume


Class reader: we will be looking at three different narrative texts over the term that will be revealed to the children nearer the time. Through these texts we will cover the following texts types in writing:

- Journalistic writing

- imagery

- personification

- recount

- Narrative structure and techniques


Balanced argument (Linked to Viking Topic)




The Vikings

An in-depth study, including: Vikings raids and invasion; resistance by Alfred the Great and Athelstan, first King of England; further Viking invasions and Danegeld.
We will be visiting Danelaw as part of our Viking unit.


Special journeys: Christianity, Hinduism and Islam




Invasion games

Net & Wall games

Striking & fielding games

Our Class Assembly
This week, Year 6 performed their class assembly on 'Microorganisms' and 'New Year's Resolutions' to the rest of the school. Year 6 had practised their lines and rehearsed their acting segments thoroughly, all under the careful eye of chief director, Mrs. Feather. Here is a short introduction to the video Year 6 produced to accompany their performance. 
Music Workshop
Today, we were visited by Rock Steady and became part of band!
Reverend Colin retires
Today, we had our final assembly with Reverend Colin from St Cuthbert's Church. Colin has been visiting our school and doing assemblies for more than 5 years but he has made the decision to retire. After the assembly, the children presented him with cards and gifts and gave him lots of thanks for all that he has done for Blakehill Primary School.
Today, 6S explored the question 'What is a good friend?' We discussed how we could be a good friend to those around us and how our friendships might change as we move into secondary school. We also talked about how we need to be respectful of other people's feelings, and understand when we need to say sorry. 
On Tuesday, Mr. Hodges held a whole school assembly where we discussed how to stay safe online. Then, in class, we explored how we need to make responsible choices, thinking carefully about what we say and what we do on the internet. This was followed by an assembly with Ms. Javed who taught us an E-Safety song. 
Computing and English
In our English lessons, we used our computing skills to design an iPad presentation related to Ernest Shackleton's journey across Antarctica.
In science, we have started learning about Electricity. We used our computing skills to show what we already know.
On Tuesday, we had an assembly with Mrs. Keighley all about making the right choices and how some choices we make can affect our mental health. This is connected to Children's Mental Health week which aims to get children talking about how to keep their brain healthy. 
Here is our wonderful art display showcasing our Picasso work completed with Mrs. Marsden!
Bradford City Penalty Shootout
It was that time of year again...our annual Bradford City Penalty Shootout!
For the last six-weeks, 6S have been learning how to sow with Ms. Lancaster. You can see from the pictures the different stitches the pupils have learnt. They then designed and made their own bookmark using their skills.  
In this week's science lesson, 6S had a go at building their own circuits. They weren't told what did what, instead they used their knowledge to create circuits using bulbs, buzzers, switches and motors. They then produced a circuit diagram of what they had built. To challenge themselves, they tested out how they could make a bulb brighter or dimmer or a motor faster or slower. Here are some pictures of their work:
Last week, 6S learnt all about different Spanish colours. This week, they have learnt the different days of the week. They then tested each other on what they had learnt. 
Design Technology and British Values
On a Friday afternoon, as part of our Foundation Subject Carousel, we are working with Mrs Russell thinking about national dishes associated with the United Kingdom. Now that we have identified some national dishes for a number of countries around the world we have been focusing on a traditional British dish: the scone! 
This week we did some sensory evaluations of some scones available to purchase in supermarkets. We thought out their aroma, appearance, texture, colour and crumb when evaluating the scones. We tasted sultana, Devon, cherry and sultana and cheese scones. We ate the scones with their traditional accompaniments. 
We will use of our experiences of the scones to help us think about what scones should be like when we make our own scones in the next session then we will compare the two products to see which is better. 
Earth Day
6S have created some fantastic Earth Day art pieces ready to show at Parents' Evening this week. Pupils created the work themselves and then covered them in PVA glue to ensure the paper was stuck down and to create a shiny effect. 
**Update: Mrs. Dickinson, our Art subject leader, has taken a video of the children's work. Please click on this link: https://blakehill-primary-school.eschools.co.uk/website/recycled_art_exhibition/459539
Bullying assembly
Mrs. Pinder gave a really important assembly last week discussing 'bullying'. Mrs. Pinder discussed what bullying is; how and where it can happen; and what to do if you feel you are being bullied. The whole school then looked at a range of scenarios to work out what we would do if we were in that situation. 
Electricity (part 2)
It's electric! Today, 6S got out all their circuit components and began to reconstruct their circuits. We also put the theory we learnt last week to the test; does adding / removing cells change what happens to a bulb, buzzer or motor? All pupils worked together as a team. Some even began to think of other conductors they could use instead of crocodile clips! 
Road Safety
On Monday, we had a visit from the Bradford Road Safety Team to discuss how to cross roads safely and what we should do if we have an accident. We played a fun hands up game to show which answer we thought was correct. 
Not goodbye but see you soon...
Although we really hope to be back in school together soon, we do not know for certain when that will be. Today, we had a fun day together and enjoyed lots of treats which were kindly donated by the PTFA. Here are a couple of photos from the end of today. 
Further photos from today can be found on 6G's class page which can be accessed via the following the link: