Spring Term

We made cabbage soup today, just like Charlie Bucket! Some of us liked it and some of us didn't.
We have been practising our keyboard skills today.
We have been learning about multiplication today.
Rock Steady came to visit us. Some of us had the chance to be in a band! We had a drummer, a guitarist, a keyboard player and singers. We sounded great!
Bradford Cathedral Choir came to visit us. We did lots of singing. Some of us got a Golden Ticket which meant we were invited to sing with the choir. 
In Science we have been finding out how we change and grow. We brought in our baby photos and Arthur's brother came to visit us. Arthur's mummy told us what is was like looking after a toddler. We asked lots of questions too.
Here are some of our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory projects. It's going to be really difficult to judge them!
We went to York's Chocolate Story today. We had a fabulous time although it was freezing!
We had our penalty shoot out today!
In ICT we have been using branching databases. It was very tricky but we tried hard.
We've been counting money in Maths today. It wasn't real money though!
Finding out about The Great Fire of London in ICT today. It's so interesting!
We enjoyed out bedtime story evening. We had hot chocolate and a biscuit whilst we listened to stories.
Look at our fabulous costumes for World Book Day. We enjoyed reading stories together too.
Planting sunflower seeds today. We hope that they grow really tall! 
We went to the Mosque today. We learnt such a lot about Islam.
 As part of Earth Week we used recycled newspapers and turned them into trees! Trees are so important for our planet.