Spring Term

Spring Term
We have been up to lots this term, have a look to see what we have been doing!
As part of our White Rose Maths Hub learning, we do hands on learning so that we can really understand our topics. We kicked off the term with a shape focus. We used Carroll diagrams to describe and sort 2D and 3D shapes. We learned key words such as edges, vertices and faces. 
In PE, we have been developing a love of being outdoors in all weather as well as working in teams in our OAA unit. We worked as teams to follow the leader and mirror actions.
Special Visitor
We are very lucky to have hands on family members in 3Ro who love to help us on our school trips and come into school to show us interesting things. Olivia's grandad built a model using gear, pulleys and steam and thought we would love to see it and learn how it works because of our learning about the Industrial Revolution. He was right. We loved it!
In computing, we have been learning how to using search engines such as Kidrex and databases such as the DK kids website to search for information about our topics. We searched for facts about Judaism as part of our RE topic and earthquakes as part of our Geography topic. We learned that we needed to use key words so that we could be more specific. 
We have also been doing computing science as part of our weekly carousel. We learned that an algorithm is a series of commands that we can order into instructions. We learnt that we could use movement, direction and repetition commands or blocks of code to write these algorithms but that they sometimes went wrong so we needed to debug. 
As part of Safer Internet Week we explored 'Troll Stinks' and discussed how to be kind and responsible online. We developed our media skills using word art, text and pictures in Microsoft word to create posters.
We learned about reggae music and compared lots of different reggae songs. We listened to songs such as Three Little Birds and Jammin'. We identified that the tempo was slow and laid back, that there were drums, the organ and male lead vocals in a lot of reggae songs. We then played the glockenspiel to the rhythm and sang along to it. 
We have also been learning about pentatonic scales and composing our own melodies using this knowledge. 
In art this term we have explored a variety of media. We have use graphite in our observational drawing and tempera paint to explore how we mix colours.
we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. To do this we have used a range of primary and secondary sources. 
We had great fun creating our own Easter bonnets at home to wear for our last day before we broke up for Easter. See what a talented lot we are!