Spring Term

As part of the UKS2 'curriculum carousel', 5R used design, making and evaluation skills to create our own pop-up books, based on traditional tales, for younger children. We studied how published pop-up books worked, looked at various pop-ups we could make, then planned how we could use these at various points of stories we had chosen. We then made the pop-ups to include in our books, created book covers and text, before putting these all together to create our books. The end results were fantastic and we were very proud of our work!
In English we have been learning about apartheid with a view to writing persuasive speeches. Today we practiced arguing our points to the class before studying an example speech, 'boxing up' the ideas in this to help us understand the structure of such an argument.
We regularly read exciting short extracts from books, before discussing these, then showing our understanding through answering questions. Most importantly, we love reading and take every opportunity to do so!
In maths, both in class and groups, we have been investigating fractions. This has involved using concrete (such as cubes), pictoral (area models) and abstract (maths symbols) methods.
In history we have learned all about the ancient Greek civilisation! We know lots about their daily life, as well as famous Greeks, their scientific discoveries and inventions, in addition to their famous authors. Some of the work we completed in this unit included posters of our favorite ancient Greek scientific discoveries, and extracts from Homer's 'Odyssey'.
In science lessons we have begun investigating the properties of materials and thinking about their uses: are they transparent, waterproof, magnetic... and what implications could these properties have? In addition, we have considered how our choice of materials could have disadvantages for the environment - causing us to weigh up whether their benefits outweigh the potential costs!
We completed homework projects on a local history topic of our choice. Here are a few examples.
In art, we have been exploring the colour wheel and shades of colour.
As part of our English topic on South Africa, we wrote then performed anti-apartheid speeches.
Here are a few of them.
We visited Immanuel College to watch their drama production of Legally Blonde! We had a great afternoon and it has inspired some of us to have a go at performing arts too!