Spring Term

Easter Cards

Using images that we associate with Easter we designed and made some Easter cards. Using tissue paper to fill our templates we were able to create an image that allowed light to shine through the card. We talked about what this light represented and discussed the fact that Jesus is thought of as “the light of the world.”

Frida Kahlo

In Year 6 our focus artist is Frida Kahlo – Frida was considered one of Mexico's greatest artists. She was a Surrealist artist; painting about dreams and what happens when we dream. Frida Kahlo was most known for her self-portraits. She didn’t just paint herself but also added things around her in the painting. These were not just to make the painting pretty but everything she had in the painting related to something about her.

We looked at one of Frida’s most well-known portraits and reproduced it in her style. We predicted why Frida had chosen elements of the portrait and thought that it could be linked to her background and religion due to foliage in the background and the thorns around her neck.

Time investigation

To develop on our reasoning and problem solving skills we worked in pairs on an investigation about time. The investigation required us to order events by time from the smallest amount of time to the largest.

We found this investigation really challenging due to the amount of steps that were needed to work out some of the periods of time. Pupils really grappled with some of the calculations required to work out some of the amounts time.  

We also found that a lot of discussion was needed in our pairs as our concepts of some events and the time that they take are very different!

PC Luke Carson - Cyber-bullying 

PC Luke Carson visited us on Monday 1st April 2019 to talk to us about cyber bullying: the effects of it and the consequences of it. He talked a lot about looking for signs of harassment and knowing what terms such as “trolling” and “malicious comments” meant. He really stressed to us how important it was to speak up if you are being bullied or if you suspect some is being bullied or are bullying someone.

PC Luke Carson also talked us through the investigation steps the Police go through in order to arrest and prosecute someone for malicious communication under the malicious communication act. We then had a go at working through a police investigation to find the perpetrator and prosecute them.  

Mother's Day Crafts

To show our mums, grandma’s and female role models in our lives that we appreciate them we wanted to let them know that they are “just our cup of tea” of mother’s day. As a small sign of our gratitude towards the important female figures in our lives we made them a paper tea-cup for mother’s day. We found this task very fiddly and it involved a lot of concentration but, by following the instructions we were able to make an alternative mother’s day card. (We even filled it with a tea bag!)

 Viking Boy Drama: Freeze Frames

As part of our sequence of learning for Viking Boy in English, on Monday 11th March we took part in some drama activities to help us understand how the characters would feel when the Valkyries arrived at Bjornsson family steading. After deciding which characters held a significant role in the scene each group created a freeze frame.   

Once the freeze frames had been created each of the characters were interviewed so that we could gain an understanding of their thoughts and feelings on the events. These were then used to help the children write witness statements that could be used in a newspaper report about the incident. 

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we could come to school dressed as our favourite character from a story, comic or book. We also had a best dressed potato competition across school where people were given the opportunity to dress a potato up as a book character.

Decimal numbers: Place Value   

To build on the work carried out on fluency of working with numbers to 3 decimal places, we applied our knowledge to some reasoning and problem solving tasks. Some of still needed to grapple with the value of digits in numbers and we used the place value charts and counters to help us do this.


Decimal numbers: Place Value   

To help us understand the value of digits in decimal numbers, we have been looking at gaining a deeper understanding of what each digit represents. To help us gain this understanding, we have been exploring decimals numbers with place value charts and decimal and whole number counters.

We looked at the digits as part of the number, on its own as a decimal and on its own as fraction. We could apply our learning from our fractions unit of work to this to help us really understand the values. This in turn then helped us calculate with the decimal numbers both formally and mentally.


Changing Circuits - End of unit task 

To pull together all of the learning we have had on changing circuits we were set the challenge to complete a buzz card game!

Using our knowledge of constructing and changing circuits we created a game where a buzzer sounded if you got the answer for the question right!

We needed to ensure we had a complete circuit made when the correct answer was selected and that the other answers left the circuit as incomplete.

Changing Circuits - Science 

As part of our science topic for changing circuits, today we investigated how the amount of bulbs in a circuit affects the brightness of the original bulb that was in the circuit.

Before carrying out the investigation we made predictions about what we thought we would see – some of us had very different opinions!

We found that the more bulbs you added to the circuit, the dimmer the original bulb got. In some cases we even found that the original bulb became so dim you could not tell it was lit, but the second or even third bulb still had light coming from the filament.

We also wanted to know what would happen to the bulbs if we increased the voltage in the circuit – we did this by adding more cells (batteries) to the circuit.


STEM Learning Project Week 3


The focus of our third Bloodhound SSC session, was to build our aluminium wheels. Each member of the group needed to build a wheel. The group then judged which was the best by rolling them along the desk, or testing the strength, or any other creative ideas they come up with. Each child then explained their product to the rest of the group and the group discussed to decide which is best.

The best wheel was then used and a set of four identical wheels was made, with advice and instructions from the winning designer being given throughout the process.

All parts of the wheel were made from aluminium, so the groups also needed to think about creating a hub to hold their wheel securely on the wooden axle.

Safer Internet Use - Visit from West Yorkshire Police

PC Luke Carson visited us on Wednesday 30th January 2019 to talk to us about keeping safe online. He talked a lot about knowing the appropriate age to be using online applications or games and we thought about the meanings behind the different PEGI symbols.

PC Luke Carson also spoke to us about the dangers of sharing our personal information online. He introduced us to a number of different accounts for people and asked whether or not we would be “friends” with them online. From this activity we discovered some of us are far too trusting and it made us think about the people we come in contact with online in gaming and on social networks.

STEM Learning Project Week 2

Today, for our second Bloodhound SSC session, our focus was the test car. Each group needed to:

  • Cut out, hole punch, crease, fold and glue their cardboard test cars into shape
  • Measure and cut the wooden garden sticks and straws to size.

After we had the body of the car ready each group then needed to think about the best way to test their wheels on their Hakskeen Pan model.

Like a pilot study, they needed to consider different ramp heights and angles, different methods of measuring distance, time taken and observing their car (such as using slow motion video), and how they could then show how they keep these variables the same for each test.

STEM Learning Project

Today we were introduced to a really exciting new project that we are going to be working on in groups for the next 5 weeks. We have been registered to enter a competition to design an all-terrain wheel for the Bloodhound engineering project. 

After an introduction to the bloodhound project we thought about the following three research areas:

  • the material properties of aluminium
  • how BLOODHOUND SSC’s wheels were made
  • how articulated wheels are currently being used

After looking at these research areas we had a better idea of the task ahead of us to design some all-terrain wheels for the bloodhound.

Break Dancing 

Some members of our class have been attending a break dancing afterschool club on a Tuesday evening. As a treat for Keystage 2 the afterschool club and the dance coach Kye performed some of their routines on Tuesday 8th January. There were some amazing moves on show and Kye talked us through the different styles of flips, spins and footsteps that you can use in break dancing.