Spring Term

Spring 1 
This half-term in History we have been learning all about WW2 with a focus on the Battle of Britain as key changing point in the war. We have used a range of primary and secondary sources to discover key details about the war as well as how different people felt during the war. Below is an example of some our the different sources we have studied.

As part of our local history study, we used a play script about evacuees and adapted it to apply to what we know about Bradford evacuees before performing it as a class.


Design Technology
In DT we have been learning about more complex structures and how to make them stronger. We started by learning about the purpose of the greenhouse and eventually concluded the learning by making our own out of art straws. 

Early in the sequence, we built greenhouses using a paper nets. We then considered how we could strengthen the structures further.

During the sequence, we had a go at sawing wood using a hacksaw so we could make an informed decision about the material to make our greenhouse out of.

Here are some pictures of us making our structures using art straws and masking tape. We had to follow a given design criteria for our greenhouse customer.

This half-term in PE we have been learning about orienteering. Here we have learnt about map symbols, how to orientate a map and considered how by working as a team, we can complete tasks more efficiently. 
As a conclusion to our WW2 topic, we created pieces of art inspired by the Blitz using oil pastels and card for a silhouette foreground.
This half-term in computing we have been learning about information literacy and how to use search engines efficiently. We have used the opportunity to research online to deepen our knowledge about WW2 by accessing a broader range of sources. 
Spring 2
In PE we have been learning about invasion games. Each week, we have looked at a different aspect of these games. Here are some pictures of us learning about: striking, throwing, catching, movement and most importantly teamwork. 
As part of our learning about invasion games, we have been lucky to work with Steve who is a local coach from Bolton Villas CC. He has given us an insight into cricket along with a range of skills used for invasion games. 
This half term we have focused on the computing strand of media. We have learnt to copy and paste on a range of devices, the different types of shots used in videos as well as moving and re-sizing 2D shapes to make a background for our animations which are yet to come. 
Here we are researching information about WW2 before copying and pasting into notes to make an information page. 
Here is Eleanor helping us to consider the differences between taking a picture in good and poor lighting. 
We then, with a link to PHSE and relationships, created pic collages to take pictures (in good lighting) of a friend and add text explaining what we liked about them. 
Here we are practising taking shot types before putting them into a short iMovie. 
Here we are using publisher to create a 2D background made using shapes. We had to insert shapes, copy and paste, group objects as well as change the colour and size of them to make backgrounds for an animation. 
In art we have been thinking about the different colours and shades which can be made using paints. 
Nell Bank
4H have been on a residential to Nell Bank in Ilkley to take part in activities which link to a range of curriculum areas. 
After we arrived and had lunch, the first activities we completed were about exploring animals in their different habitats. We completed a mini-beast hunt and went pond dipping which were both really interesting as well as good fun!
We then had a quick juice break before having a good chance to play with our peers on the huge adventure playground and exciting water area. The children loved running around the adventure play while the water area led to some fantastic collaboration as they pumped and moved water from one place to another. 
After lots of fun playing it was time for a delicious tea and the evening activities. These involved a bit more playing outside, settling into dorms and a quiz all before a relaxing hot chocolate and sharing a book together. Soon after, the children went to bed.
The next morning, we all woke up eagerly knowing we had the long walk ahead. After breakfast and packing their bags, we set off in our groups through the woods where we thought about the environment and what we could hear. After that, Year 4 headed over the suspension bridge and noticed the meanders of the river before heading into Ilkley where we stopped and noted the remains of a Roman fort. We considered here why they positioned the fort close to the river and why humans over the years have settled close to water. 
The walk then continued up from through Ilkley and we followed a path originally designed by the Victorians which followed the stream. At the top, we learnt about the Victorian hospital and its use of White Wells' plunge pool. Slowly, we headed up their and ate lunch. Soon after, we headed across the moors onto the cow and calf which had great views of Ilkley. We all enjoyed shouting down at Nell Bank in the distance and waving to the office staff. We then headed back to Nell Bank for a well deserved rest. 
The next day, we woke up early to tidy and back our bags. After a quick run around on the adventure play, we went orienteering and den building which were both great fun. Before long, it was time for the awards ceremony and to head home. All children and staff thoroughly enjoyed their residential at Nell Bank.