Spring Term

We went on a 3D shape hunt around school! We searched for 3D shapes and took pictures of what we had found.
We also sorted out shopping items according to their 3D shape! 
This was TRICKY because the 3D shapes came in all different shapes and sizes.
Computing - Information Literacy 
We have been learning about how to research information. We worked in groups and thought about lots of ways we could find information out. We wrote them down on a whiteboard. Miss Gardner then showed us how to safely use the internet to research.
PE - Gymnastics with Miss Dobson
 Today we started our Geography topic with Miss Gardner about the United Kingdom. She asked us what we already knew about the United Kingdom. Here are our thoughts...
Today we have been visualising the story. Miss Gardner read us a page of the story and we had to use our imaginations to think what it would look like. 
RE - Sikhism
Today we went to the Gurdwara Singh Sabha, in Bradford to learn all about Sikhism. 
We met a lady called Manjit who told us all interesting facts about Sikhism. We also looked at lots of Sikh artefacts and learnt about the importance of the 5 Ks.
Geography - United Kingdom

This half term we are learning about the United Kingdom in Geography. Today we used atlases for the first time and discovered the four countries which mae up the United Kingdom. 
English - Phase 2
We created some excellent freeze frames during our English lessons today. We also did some thought tracking too.