Spring 2

***Home Reading Super Stars***
Well done to our pupils who have moved onto the next level of their reading reward charts! Keep up the great work with home reading.
***Star Writer ***
Congratulations to our Spring term star writers. 

Daniel - for a brilliant police report about the flying frogs! 
Christopher- for fantastic language choice in his flashback story.
Bonnie- for a flashback story that immersed the reader in the atmosphere. 
~ Art & Design ~
Mother's Day cards 
Applying the skills gained this term in painting, we created a Mother's Day card using watercolours. Pupils thought about using different brush techniques to create texture on the branch and shape for the blossom petals. 
~ English ~
LO: Identify key features of persuasive writing 
This morning Year 6 have worked in pairs to identify the features of persuasive writing across a number of extracts of writing. The understanding gained of these key features will support pupils with the composition of their own persuasive letter later in the week. 
~ English ~
LO: Use knowledge of morphology and etymology in spelling and understand that some words need to be learned specifically.
To introduce our spelling focus for this week 6R have played roll and read with their 11 spellings. This week's focus is the 5/6 statutory words so 6R have had develop strategies in order to the learn the spellings of the words. 
LO: To know about great artists, architects and designers in history
As part of our inheritance and evolution topic, Year 6 have been studying the life of Charles Darwin. In addition to his Scientific findings, Darwin is also renowned for his botanical drawings. 6R have been working on creating a sketch page about Charles Darwin to showcase his artistic work and create a fact file about him. 
~ Bradford City Penalty Shoot Out ~
Today we took part in the penalty shoot out against Billy Bantam from Bradford City FC to help raise funds for the Bradford City Foundation Charity and for our school. 6R proved a bit of a challenge for Billy and they scored more goals than he was able to save! 
~ Science ~
LO: identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution
Today, as part of our adaptation and evolution topic, 6R have been thinking about how animals have adapt to be able to survive in their habitats. Pupils were able to apply their knowledge gained from our Amazon topic in Geography when thinking about Rainforest habitats and this then supported them in making judgements about other habitats such as woodlands, deserts and coral reefs. 
~ Science & Geography ~
To provide our pupils with an experience of the Amazon and to introduce our Science unit of Adaptation and Evolution Year 6 visited Tropical World in Leeds. 
We visited the native woodland in Roundhay park to compare Rainforests and Deciduous forests and discussed how the trees have adapted to their surroundings. 
In Tropical world we visited the different areas thinking about how animals adapt to survive in their habitats. 
~ Art ~
This week we tried a new way of starting our Art lessons: collaborative drawing. Working on large piece of paper, pupils used both hands to draw simple 2D shapes then worked on them in different ways in order to practice embellishing, improving, transforming and enhancing. These skills should then hopefully transfer to our art work.   
~ English ~
Magician Visit 
As a stimulus for our whole school writing topic this term Dazzling Darren paid a visit to school. All of 6R were able to take part in a magic workshop with him and learn some of his magic tricks. This allowed the pupils to think about the skill level required of Harry Houdini and Dynamo who we have been studying as part of this topic. 
~ Art ~
LO: To know how to organise line, tone, shape and colour to represent figures 
As part of our unit around magic, 6R created some split portraits of Dynamo and Harry Houdini. Pupils thought carefully about creating tone and shadow through the use of shading and blending. 
~ English ~
LO: Identify features of auto-biographical and biographical writing 
To introduce our focus for writing this week we explored a number of texts. Pupils were required to determine if the texts were auto-biographical or biographical then were challenged to see if the could devise a list of features for each text type.