Spring 1

***Home Reading Super Stars***
Well done to our pupils who have moved onto the next level of their reading reward charts! Keep up the great work with home reading.
*** Our Reading Scrapbook ***
Take a look through 6R’s reading scrapbook!
Once pupils have finished reading their book they are given the opportunity to complete a scrap boom page for it. Thank you for your wonderful pages 6R!
~ Oracy / Computing ~
LO: Give reasons to support views 
LO: Know what is meant by copyright and fair use
This week in our Oracy lesson we have been giving our views around the topic of copy right. We played a game of "odd one out" and realised the "odd one out" was an image that did not have a watermark. We discussed the reason for the watermark and thought about what we know about copy right and fair use. 
Once we had a firm understanding of the topic, pupils discussed in groups what their views on different scenarios related to copyright and these were then discussed as a class. Pupils used the sentence stems for the lesson well and respected one another's views on the topics well. 
~Outdoor PE~
Invasion games
LO: Apply the appropriate attacking skills in the correct game situations
Today we have been recapping the attacking skills developed over autumn term
LO: To know how to mix appropriate colours to create a suitable colour palette that conveys mood and atmosphere
LO: To know how to use a wide range of techniques in your work including texture through paint mix or brush techniques
This week we have been applying the skills we have been developing with brush technique and colour palette by using them to create a backdrop for our own Frida Kahlo portrait. After looking different leaf shapes that would be found in the Amazon Rainforest we created drew our backdrop and painted it using water colours. 
~Indoor PE~
LO: Learn to count in beats of 8 whilst moving in a fluent and expressive manner 
today was an Introduction to our new dace  dance to the 'Waka Waka' dance.
LO: review and discuss existing websites, considering structure and different types of media.
Our new area of focus for computing is Web Design. For our first session we have been exploring web pages, looking at ways to navigate around sites through the use of a navigation bar and hyperlinks. We considered the effectiveness of media used on web pages and thought about why media would be presented in different ways. 
~Outdoor PE~
Invasion games
LO: to select players most suited to attacking and defending roles.
       Uphold the spirit of fair play and respect in all competitive situations.
For year 6, throughout this term, we are trying to see how different attacking and defending skills are transferable across different types of invasion games. 
LO:  Develop and embed the skill of making impressions of characters, events and themes
To help pupils gain an understanding of how the characters may have felt in the story of Julianne Koepck, we re-enacted the scene as disaster struck the aircraft she was travelling on with her mother.  Pupils worked in groups to create freezeframes for different parts of the story, considering how emotions would change as the events unfolded. 
~Indoor PE~
LO: Display high energy to match the mood, feeling and tempo to a song.
       Begin to perform and create complex sequences to a new song.
In this weeks Indoor PE, Year 6 have spent some time perfecting the dance routine to the 'Waka Waka' song by Shakira. Now Year 6 have move on to performing complex movements to create a routine the the song 'Sax' by Fleur East.
~ Oracy ~
LO: Listen actively and respond appropriately
This week in our Oracy lesson, pupils in 6R have been debating the following: Year 6 pupils should be offered a COVID 19 vaccination. Pupils considered their responses to other's opinions carefully, listening to different points of view then re-evaluating their own point of view. This was a subject that all pupils felt strongly about, but were able to listen and debate with respect.
~Indoor PE~
LO: Apply complex movements that combine strength and stamina using movements from gymnastics.
      To compose creative and imaginative dance sequences.
In our dance lessons, we have been looking at applying movements derived from gymnastics and adapting them into part of a dance routine to the song 'Sax' by Fleur East. The class has also worked in small groups to create their own routines to be a part of the larger dance routine.
~ Reading ~
LO: Identify statements that can be used to summarise texts
This week Holocaust Memorial Day took place, because of this, we have been exploring texts with a focus on Holocaust. To begin with we looked at a non-fiction text that had not been organised into any order. After exploring the vocabulary in the text and gaining an understanding of the terminology used,  pupils worked together to organise the text, creating subheadings, titles and captions to guide the reader. 
LO: Structure and organise talk
Today was one of our first opportunities to put our new talk rules into practice. Each pupil prepared a 3 minute presentation about a particular interest or hobby. Pupils were able to use objects to support their presentation. After carefully planning their presentations, they delivered them to small peer groups who then gave feedback on the structure of the presentation given. 
~ Maths Tutoring Pairs ~
6R have been working on consolidating and deepening their understanding in maths by working in maths tutoring pairs. Pupils confident with concepts have been working with pupils who have been struggling to grasp in order to support them. 
~ English ~
LO: Know how to use dialogue to convey character
As part of our unit of work around survivors stories, pupils in 6R have this week been thinking about how the explorers who left the Ghinsberg expedition in the Amazon Rainforest. Pupils hot seated Markus Stamm and Karl Rurechter, questioning why they left the expedition and what there plans for their next steps were. 6R used this drama activity to help them write a narrative about what happened next to the explorers.
~ Geography ~
LO: Use 6 point grid references
As part of our topic on rainforests, Year 6 have been exploring maps. Looking at a map of Maneus, the main departure point for entering the Amazon Rainforest, pupils used 6 point gird references to locate points of interest. Pupils also gave grid references for specific locations on the maps. 
~Outdoor PE~
Invasion games
LO: To select and apply tactics with the aim of causing problems for the opposition, in attacking and defending situations.
       Continuing to uphold the spirit of fair play and respect in all game situations.
In PE the year 6's have been looking at tag rugby, which is a new type of invasion game for many pupils across the year. We have looked at the rules of the game and tried to implement tactics in-game situations where attackers try to cause problems for defenders and vice versa.
~ Computing and Oracy ~
 LO: to ensure clarity of pronunciation and project voice
LO: I can explain how sharing something online can have positive or negative impacts
this week Year 6 have discussing a number of scenarios related to keeping safe online, with a particular focus on sharing information. Year 6 were able to express their thoughts with insight and clarity for the different scenarios and listened with respect to one another's justifications for their views. 
~ Geography ~
LO: Locate the world’s countries, North and South America, concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities.
After looking at world maps, 6R zoomed into the Americas. Pupils drew a map of North and South America and studied the different climate zones of the two continents. Pupils were able to consider why the climates were so different for different areas of the two continents in relation to their location in terms of distance from the horizon. 
Pupils then labelled their maps of South America with the location of the Amazon Rainforest. They couldn't believe that it spans over 8 countries! 
~ Geography ~
LO: Locate the world’s countries, North and South America, concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities.
This week kicked off the start of our first topic of 2022: Rainforests. For our first lesson, 6R have recapped and consolidated their knowledge continents, oceans and countries. Pupils also considered where in the world tropical rainforests are found and why they are found there.