Spring 1

PSHE- safety
LO- to know how to follow simple instructions to keep me safe
Today the DogsTrust came to school to visit us and to talk about how to keep ourselves safe around dogs. We really enjoyed it. 
Music-  Singing
LO-  Sing as part of a choir, Demonstrate good singing posture, Sing songs from memory and/ or notation,  Sing in unison and sometimes in parts, Understand and follow the leader or conductor,  Join in sections of the song eg. chorus 
Bradford Cathedral are looking for children to join their choir. They came into school today and we sang and then did some auditions.
LO- to know that we all belong to different groups
Today we thought about all the different groups we belong to and how it feels to belong to a group.
We drew shields and pictures of all the different groups we belong to.  
We enjoy 'Roll and Read' as part of our Smart Reading!
PE- Dance
We all really enjoyed learning this dance.
Science- LO to understand that the shape of materials can be changed by twisting, bending, squashing and stretching.
We had great fun testing materials to see if they changed shape. We talked about reversible and irreversible changes. 
LO- to know the order of events and place them on a time line.
We ordered the events of The Great Fire of London today. It was a bit tricky. We all had a picture and we tried to sort ourselves into the correct order. 
This week we have been counting money and learning how to write the amounts in pounds and in pence. It wasn't real money though... 
LO- to understand what an algorithm is by giving a sequence of commands to a human robot 
We had fun today being human robots!