Spring 1

Educational Workshop - Dogs Trust Visit 
PSHE- Safety
LO- To know how to follow simple instructions to keep me safe
Today 2P had a visit from the Dogs Trust charity. Throughout this workshop we were learning about how keep dogs safe and how to act safely around dogs. The people leading the workshop taught us about the five happy dog rules that we can follow and apply to keep ourselves and others safe. These rules revolved around how we can appropriately interact with a dog when they are resting, eating and playing. We also developed our understanding of making noise around dogs and how we can show a dog love. 
English - Phase 1 Prediction
LO: To read and clarify meaning of words to make predictions about a story.
Today in our English lesson we have been introduced to our new topic and text for this half term. We are beginning to learn about The Great Fire of London. Before reading the story, we looked at a word cloud that had key vocabulary from the text. We had to talk to our partners about these words and how they could link to our story. Based on our understanding of these words we were able to make a prediction about what might happen in the story and the characters that we could come across. We were challenged to extend our writing using conjunctions!
R.E - Myself
LO: To know that we all belong to different groups. 
How does it make you feel to belong to a group?
Today in our R.E lesson we discussed this question. We have thought about what it means to belong to a group and how that can make us feel special. Year 2 had some wonderful ideas! We thought that we feel like we belong with our family, friends, school, extra curricular activities, clubs and our home. We used this ideas to create a shield of our identity and sense of belonging. 
Reading - Comprehension
This week in our reading sessions we have been answering our book questions by retrieving information from the text and recording our answers in our English books. We have built up to this skill by orally answering and discussing the book questions as a group initially. We have learnt how to retrieve information from a text and use the key words in a question to locate and understand the answer. 
LO: To use prediction skills to identify a successful algorithm.
This week in our computing lessons we have been learning and understanding about successful algorithms. We now know what an algorithm is and how to programme a BeeBot to follow a set of instructions correctly. We had a series of algorithms to solve so that they mirrored the successful route. It was important for us to do this practically first using BeeBots before moving onto recording and creating our own algorithms and routes in our books.