School Council

Blakehill School Council

The purpose of the School Council is to represent the views and opinions of pupils and to be a forum for active and constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school. Each class in year groups 1 – 6 has an elected representative. Class elections take place in September each year.

 The School Council benefits the whole school as it gives opportunities for pupils to communicate feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff as well as influencing decisions that are made. 


How does the School Council work?

The School Council representatives meet at least once each month during the school year. Meetings are usually on a Tuesday morning and last about half an hour. They are given the opportunity to discuss any issues raised by their peers or by a member of staff and later that day, time to feedback to their class. Occasionally, visitors from outside school will attend meetings to promote an activity or to ask for support or opinions. The meetings are led by the Chair and minutes are taken by the Secretary of the School Council. Mrs Gould also attends meetings.


What is the role of a School Councillor?

Pupils who are elected have been given a very important job to do in the school. Pupils are expected to:

  • attend all meetings 
  • talk to the classes they represent, feedback information and share ideas and opinions with the School Council
  • have ideas to share with the Council
  • bring their class suggestion box to meetings
  • speak with confidence
  • speak in assembly
  • consider and respect the views of others
  • be identifiable by wearing the school council badge
What have 2021/22 school council achieved?
Mrs Gould and the school council met with Mrs Roberts (the school computing lead) to discuss what should happen if children come across something inappropriate when using the internet / social media. The council worked together to produce a flow chart for children and staff to show what should happen and who it should be reported to.
The school council worked with PCSOs Kirsty Newton and Paul Ellis-Feather. The children learnt about the dangers and the consequences of speeding.
Cllr Jeanette Sunderland, Becky James (the Team Leader for the Road Safety team) - and Andrew Smith (Principle Traffic and Highways Engineer) met with Mrs Gould and the school council to discuss their concern over the dangerous parking and speeding traffic on Highfield Road. Andrew had received and read the letters from Year 5 and wanted to help.
Our school council met to continue their road safety campaign. They designed posters reminding parents to park safely and for the public to observe the speed limit outside school.
Our enthusiastic school council met parents at the gates and handing out their road safety leaflets. They focused the parents' attention to the dangers of parking on the yellow lines outside school.
The school council planned a Break the Rules day to raise money to support the local community event Wrose Carnival.
The council planned Easter activities to raise money for the school. With the activities planned, they raised £498.
The school council has raised money through a variety of events. 
The school council designed a Super Bloom garden to celebrate The Queen's Jubilee. They applied for the Super Bloom pack from the Tower of London.
Our school council created a Jubilee garden using the seeds from the Super Bloom project.
The Super Bloom celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen at the Tower of London, where a spectacular, colourful, vibrant field of flowers will fill and transform the Tower's moat. In spring 2022, over 20 million seeds will be sown in the moat from carefully designed seed mixes.
Day of Action
Today, the school council, Mrs Gould and a group of Year 5 children worked on a Day of Action. The children worked with some of our local police officers. They learnt how to use a speed cameras to track the speed of the vehicles passing our school.
The police explained the importance of keeping a safe speed on our roads. They also found out about the role of our local police officers. The children got shown how to use the protective equipment and they got to go inside the police van. They even got to use the sirens and lights. It was a very noisy morning.
During our Day of Action, some children wanted to work with local Community Wardens completing some litter picking activities around the school perimeter. The children enjoyed the activity but could not believe how much litter there was!
The children also found out about the role of our local fire fighters. They found out how to save people from rivers and lake, put fires out and cut vehicles. The children got to wear the protective clothing and go inside the fir engine.
Mrs Gould and the school council met with MP Imran Hussain to show him the wonderful equipment we recieved from the Morissons Good to Grow vouchers. Blakehill saved the highest number of vouchers out of 7000 school.
Well done and thank you to our parents for your support.

What has the School Council achieved?

2020 /21

  • Made the decision that pupils line up on their House Teams instead of by gender e.g. boys and girls
  • Introduced a school tie to the school uniform
  • Decided that school ties should have a coloured stripe running through it, representing the colour of Blakehill's 4 house teams: KESTREL, KINGFISHER, JAVELIN, JUPITER
  • Revised the school lunch menu with Michelle (our school cook) to reflect the tastes and diets of our school
  • Decided on themes/ areas of interest for the Curriculum Carousel learning units in KS2
In previous years we have: 
  • Put benches on the school field
  • Raised over £1000 for Comic Relief
  • Blakehill’s Got Talent
  • World Book Day book swap
  • New locks on toilet doors
  • Mirrors in the UKS2 bathrooms
  • Bradford City Day
  • Letters to the council and a petition to reinstate our crossing patrol person
  • Bun sales to raise money for the Philippines and Marie Curie
  • Milk in KS2
  • More home reading books and books for the classrooms
  • Karaoke club at lunchtime
  • More choice for school dinners
  • Raised money for Grenfell Tower victims
  • Raised money for the Brain Tumour Charity
  • Bought new books for classrooms upon request
  • Discussed and selected new playground markings for the KS1 playground
  • Requested a track for the daily mile
  • Organised a budget to buy plants for classrooms.
  • Named the School Library
  • Ordered additional playground equipment