Safer Internet Day

2019 theme was "Together for a better internet." Mrs Roberts and Mr Hodges delivered an assembly all about the idea of online responsibility to create a positive environment. All children in Key Stage 2 received E-Safety sessions from PSCO Carson. 

2018 SID theme was “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”. In an assembly delivered by Miss Lea, Mr Hodges and the digital leaders children were told about the different ways we can link with others online in a kind friendly way. They talked about how enjoyable it is to connect with other people online. Luke Carson, our PCSO from the Cyber Awareness Team delivered E-Safety sessions to all Key Stage 2 classes. 

2017 Safer Internet Day (SID) was " Be the change: Unite for a better internet".  It focused on the sharing of images and information on the internet. Through an assembly, delivered by Mr Lowe and the Blakehill Digital Leaders, children were told about the risks of sharing images online and through social media. They talked about the importance of asking permission before taking a photograph and discussed what information could be found from an image online. Key Stage 2 classes were also visited by a member of the Cyber Crime Awareness Team who delivered E-Safety Sessions.

2016 Safer Internet Day (SID) was on Tuesday 9th February 2016.  As always, it was a great opportunity for us to remind children of how to stay safe when using the internet.  The theme was "Play your part in a better internet".  The day started with an assembly led by Digital Leader and supported by members of the E-Safety team, it highlighted the issues and concerns that young people have when online and the practical solutions they should take and how to respond appropriately to negative content.

2015- 'Making the internet a safer place'. We celebrated the day by coming together as a whole school in an assembly led by the Digital Leaders.  This was followed up in class with further activities including making an SID Promise.   

2014 - As part of Safer internet day this year we had a competition to come up with a slogan to help us remember what to do if we see something unpleasant or inappropriate online.  We decided on 'Turn off and tell'  We talked about what to do if we do see something online that we are not comfortable with.  We know that we should turn off the screen and report it to an adult.  

2013 - Safer Internet Day (SID) was on 5th February in 2013.  The Theme was 'Connect with Respect'.  This fitted in really well with the launch of our new school blog.  We wanted the children to enjoy contributing to our blog - but in a safe and respectful way.  Our blogging rules were designed to enforce this. So on SID we launched a competition for children to design a poster displaying our blogging rules.  The winners received a small prize and their poster is used throughout school and on our website to promote the blogging rules.

We also chose the day to introduce a new initiative in school - the Blakehill Bloggers! 

The Blakehill Bloggers are a small group of children who meet weekly after school to work on the school blog.  They are responsible for deciding what posts to put on the blog; interviewing people for the posts they write; taking photographs and videos of events around school.  It is an exciting job!