RP - Mrs Pinder


My name is Mrs Pinder and I am very excited to say that I will be your teacher when you start at Blakehill Primary School. I can’t wait to meet you, and together with the other adults in Reception, I am busy getting our classroom ready and planning lots of exciting things for us to do when you get here. Mrs Brook will be your Teaching Assistant and she is very excited to meet you too!

It has been lovely to see the photos and read the emails that some of your parents have sent me and I feel like I know lots of you already! I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and finding out about what you like to do.

Here is a little bit of information about me. I have been a teacher at Blakehill for 20 years and might have taught some of your friends, brothers and sisters ( or even your mums or dads! ). I have two grown up sons, and when I am not in school I love reading, swimming, going for long walks and spending time with my family.

Blakehill is a very friendly and happy place to be and I know that we will have lots of fun together. Our class will be called RP ( R for Reception and P for Pinder ) and will of course be the best class in the school! We will share the Reception Unit with RW, where the class teacher is Mrs Wardell and the teaching assistant is Mrs Donohue. They are really looking forward to meeting you too. When we can, we will be inviting you into school to meet us and to look around your new classroom, but we are not able to do that just now.

Here are a few things that you can be doing at home over the summer to help you get ready for school:

  • Practise getting dressed and undressed, making sure you can do the fastenings on your clothes. If you can do this it will help you in your PE lessons.
  • Practise putting your shoes on. Again this will help you when we are having our PE lessons or when we are putting our wellies on for going outside.
  • Practise writing your name. There will be lots of children in the Reception Unit ( 60 ) and if you all draw a picture we will need to know whose picture it is so you can take it home to your family.
  • Practise fastening your coat. Zips can be tricky! It can get very cold when we are outside so wearing your coat correctly is important.
  • Making sure you can go to the toilet as independently as possible. It really will help you at school if you are going to the toilet, cleaning yourself with the toilet paper, flushing and not forgetting to wash your hands as independently as you can.

Finally, if you have anything that you would like to ask me or tell me please ask your mum or dad to email the school office and they will pass your message on to me.

We will be in touch soon to give you a little bit more information about when you will be starting school and what will happen next. We just can’t wait to meet you!

Stay safe and see you soon,

Mrs Pinder and Mrs Brook