Pupil voice

Our Science Subject Council was established in the 2020 /  2021 academic year. Each class in school chooses a Science Subject Councillor, who represents their the subject in their class. As subject leaders, we take our children's view points and opinions very seriously - they are central to what we do. We always listen to our pupils and, where possible, adapt our approaches to suit their needs. 
Here is what our Key Stage 2 Maths Subject Councillors had to say: 
Year 1: 'I love doing experiments in Science, especially the bucket with bubbles.' 
'We sometimes get messy, which is always fun.' 
Year 2: 'My favourite Science lesson was when we grew our own plants and learnt all about them.' 
Year 3: 'I enjoy Science because we learn how to look after nature and habitats.' 
'I enjoy Science the most when we get to go outside and do experiments.' 
Year 4: 'I really enjoyed learning about the digestive system and doing experiments on it.' 
Year 5: 'I like Science because we get to discover new things.' 
'I love finding out what happens when you mixed two chemicals together.' 
Year 6: 'I love testing whether something is right or wrong and finding out new things.'