Progression of Skills

At Blakehill Primary, our PE curriculum is designed to allow children to build upon the skills and knowledge they develop each year and take them from specific skills based tasks to the application of skills in specific areas of sports. 
In Key Stage 1 pupils develop their initial skills to become physically literate. This is then developed into Key Stage 2 where pupils apply their skills to sports and activities within the following 5 areas of sport: 

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Athletics
  • OAA

Progression of Skills: Games (Autumn term) 

Year 1: 

  • Develop catching skills
  • Develop bouncing skills
  • Return a ball that has been rolled or bounced.
  • Develop the skills needed to throw to a teammate
  • Develop the skills needed to catch a ball sent by a teammate
  • Develop hitting and kicking skills

Year 2:

  •          Use rolling, hitting, running, jumping, catching and kicking skills in combination
  •          Begin to compete with others

Year 3:

(Striking and Fielding)

  •          Throw and catch with a degree of control and accuracy.
  •          Strike a ball and field with some control.
  •          Follow the rules of the game.

Year 4:

(Target games) 

  •          Choose the necessary skills to aim at a target.
  •          Consistently aim and hit targets.
  •          Choose appropriate tactics to cause problems for the opposition
  •          Lead others and act as a respectful team member

Progression of Skills: Gymnastics (Autumn Term)

Reception - Movement development. 

  • Begin to move with coordination and control.
  • Move confidently in space.
  • Be aware of others when moving in small spaces.


  • Begin to balance on different points of the body.
  • Create different shapes using different parts of our body