Our Wonderful Reading Areas

Reading Areas
Every classroom has a designated reading area.
Children have the opportunity to read, explore and enjoy a range of high quality and challenging texts throughout their school day in an inviting and relaxed area.
At Blakehill, every year group is given an author to study throughout the year. The children will research and learn facts about them. They study books written by them in their English and reading lessons. Facts learnt about are displayed in their reading areas. 
The Library
At Blakehill, we are very lucky to have our brand new library was opened by the footballer, Tom Cleverly. Tom came to Blakehill over 20 years ago and it was a pleasure to welcome him back to Blakehill to officially open our wonderful library.
Our school library is accessed by all our pupils at Blakehill and they have the opportunity to take a book of their choice home, on a weekly basis. Children are taught how to explore the library and have to navigate their way around the different genres.
Children love to read, relax and share texts with their class and peers during their library sessions.