Our Spring term journey

Reverend Colin and Natalie came to deliver our Easter assembly. We understood why Easter is important to Christians and identified some of the symbols relating to Easter.
The children also made Easter cards in the shape of crosses to represent the crucifixion. 
PC Luke Carson
PC Luke Carson came in to class today to talk to us about cyber bullying. He explained to us that if we send nasty messages this can cause other people a lot of hurt and upset but it can also cause ourselves a lot of trouble. We found out that send more than 2 nasty messages can result in us getting spoken to by the police or even arrested. 
The children in class in 6G are now well prepared for dealing with situations of cyber bullying and know who tell if they need to report it.
Most children in class 6G now own a mobile phone and use different social media sites so this was a really important lesson for them.
We had a visitor from the Sikh faith come and visit Year 6 in school. At the start of the session she told us about the beginning of Sikhism and that the religion is only about 500 years old. She explained about the 10 Gurus and showed us the 5ks. 
We learnt some Indian dance moves and enjoyed dancing to some well Indian music.
Indian Drums
Whilst studying stories from India and researching an area of India, we got the opportunity to go and have a session with some Indian drums. In the session, we listened to the Indian drums and identified the sounds they make. We got shown how to play the drums and we had chance to have a go.
We found out that these particular drums came from Punjab in Indian and are made from goat skin.
The drums were different sizes and could be played with our hands or with special bamboo beaters.
These drums are important during festivals. 
India Week
During world book week we looked at books from other cultures. In 6G we read the story 'How Krishna killed King Kans'. The children have produced some fantastic cross curricular work including: art, writing and geography.
The work was put together to make an Indian themed display in the corridor.  
Luke Carson - E safety.
Luke Carson has visited us before but he returned today to remind us about the dangers on the internet and how to keep safe. Luke reminded the children about not giving out personal information on the internet and not talking to strangers. Children are taught from an early age not to talk to strangers but many don't realise that strangers are also the unknown people on the internet. Unfortunately, not everyone tells the truth about who they are when online.
The session reminded the children not to give out personal details or give out information about where they are going or what they are doing.
Luke spoke to the children about using age appropriate sites and that if they go on older sites, they will see thing that are not appropriate for them.
Luckily the children in 6G knew a lot about using the internet and knew how to keep safe. The children agreed that having lots of online friends does not make them more popular.
Mastery Maths
As well as world book day, it has also been a week of mastery problems solving. The children have done a lot of reasoning problems in class and today they took part in some mastery problems in the hall. The children worked in small groups and discussed each problem and how they thought they should solve the problem. As well as developing the children's maths skills, it also helped them to develop their communication and reasoning skills
World Book Day 
After our previous two attempts of World Book Day got snowed off, we finally celebrated on 9.3.18. The children in 6G had read a lot of books and had created some fantastic costumes. 
Independent Study
Once again class 6G have amazed Mrs Gould with their creative independent study projects on the vikings. It looks as though the children have been very busy doing additional research at home on the topic. Take a look at the study projects that have been returned to school. You will see that the children have presented their studies in many ways such as: models, facts file, drawings, PowerPoint presentations and even board games. 
Well done 6G! 
Independent Study
Well done to George who has used his free time to do extra research on our class topic: The Vikings. He has researched myths about Viking burials and put together a well thought out argument about why he thinks burning ships probably didn't happen. Mrs Gould read your presentation and learnt something new. 
Introduction to World Book Day
27.2.18 - Today we had an assembly delivered by Mrs Russell and Miss Gardner. In the assembly we found out that we can share stories with anybody: our friends, our parents even our teachers! Anywhere is a god place to share stories - in bed, in the bath, in the car.
As this Thursday is World Book Day, Blakehill are having a whole week of Indian stories. We also have some other exciting activities to do.
Look out for our pictures of our Indian activities and of course, our World Book Day costumes.
Bradford City Penalty Shoot Out
On 22.2.18 we had a penalty shoot out against Billy Bantam. We collected sponsor money which will be shared between the Bradford City Community Trust and our school. We had a lot of fun taking part in the shoot out. Mrs Gould thinks there's some future strikers in our class.
A day as a Viking
As part of our topic on Vikings, we had a day out at Danelaw, Morton Park. We lived a day as a Viking and had to learn the skills that Vikings had to survive such. We took part in clay lamp making, wood collecting, warrior training and farming.
We found out that during Viking times, women had a lot of power and were considered the head of the family. Despite this, the women had to do a lot of hard work such as spending 3 hours a day using the grind stone. Women then made their own bread and baked it on the stones around the fire in the center of the house.
The men also worked hard and hard to hunt food, farm and fight.
We met the Lord of the settlement and we all had to follow his rules. Nobody could eat until he had entered the room and sat down. He even had a food taster in case anybody had tried to poison his food. 
Mrs Gould and the other adults were slaves for the day. At lunch time, for the lord's entertainment, we put Mrs Russell and Mrs Chellam in the stocks. 
It was a very cold day and we realised how hard it would have been to be a real life Viking. 
Vikings fight off the invasion
Mrs Russell and Mrs Chellam got put in the stocks 
Safer Internet Day
On Tuesday 6th February, it was safer internet day. The day started with an assembly from Mr Lowe about how to stay safe when using the internet.
Throughout the day, we did activities about how to stay protected on the internet. A lot of us now how mobile phones and are connected to different social media sites so it was important for us to know what dangers we could come across and who to report it to. 
Reverend Colin and Natalie
The whole school enjoyed an assembly led by Reverend Colin and Natalie from St Cuthberts Church. Colin spoke about places which were special to Christians and places that we consider special to ourselves.
The assembly ended with a song which we all sang together. The children in 6G joined in with the actions.
As we are learning about Vikings, we decided to draw Viking long boats in our art lesson. We looked a making light marks with the pencil and drawing the parts of the boat in perspective.
On this occasion we coloured our pictures with colouring pencils.
Take a look at some of the wonderful work we produced.
Mr Froud
Mr Froud came to deliver our assembly. He sang some of our favourite hymns with us and told us a story from the Bible. 
PE - Tennis 
This half term the children are learning tennis skills. The children have been developing the skills needed to serve the ball and return it. We are seeing a lot of talented children in our PE sessions. Once again, this half term PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
Margaret Mulligan
Margaret Mulligan is a children's author who has previously worked with Year 5. Margaret came back into school today (2.1.18) to read sections of her book 'Katy Parker and the House that cried' to the whole school. She brought a suit case with things that an evacuee child would need during the WW2 evacuation. 
Jaya said, "I live the book, it keeps me on edge and makes me want to read more".
Mr Bloom has continued to teach 6G how to play the guitars. They have improved so much recently and are playing some well known tunes. Several children have played solos to the rest of the class.
Our New Prefects
Class 6G are pleased to introduce our new prefects. George, Eva, Emily and Alfie are now representing our class and the school in their new roles.  They were selected to be prefects as they work hard in class and are good role models to all children.