Our learning

World Book Day.
During World Book Day the Hub team made a fantastic effort and dressed up as the much loved chipmunks. The children in the hub also dressed up as their favourite book characters.  
In The Hub, we have been looking at feeling and emotions. Each day we start the morning by discussing how we feel and why. We read a range of stories focused at identifying a range of feelings and what cause these different moods and feelings to happen. 
In our life skills session, we have looked at baking. We made some delicious scones. We use scales to weigh out ingredients, washing up our equipment, developed our turn taking skills and evaluated what we had done. A very tasty but successful lesson!
We have been using keywords to describe setting. Well done to Eikam for this fantastic piece of writing.
Social skills and Life skills
We have making crispy buns. We discussed what we needed, took turns and spoke about what we liked about the finished product. We worked hard as a team.