Our learning

Pupil voice (Spring 1) 
Here are some quotes from our pupils about their language learning: 
‘When you go to Spain you can speak to people in their own language. It's really good!’
Ben 3Ro
‘I go to Spain a lot and would like to speak to people in their language rather than English.’
Kayden 5L

‘One of my best friends is Spanish and I would like to write to her in her language.’
Amber 5R

‘When you take trips to different countries, it’s nice to speak to speak to people in their own language.’
Alfie 4H

‘If people come to this country and they can’t speak English, it’s good to speak to them in their own language.’
Harris 4P

‘I know lots of languages because my family is from all over the world.’
Lilly 4H

‘Me and my grandad are learning Spanish together.’
Angel 3Ro

‘Spanish Club is really fun.’
Ben 3Ro

Spanish (3Ro)

We are very lucky to be taught by Senora Haynes every Tuesday afternoon. She is teaching us how to introduce ourselves, say hello and goodbye and give some basic information about ourselves. We practise our Spanish out loud with her, use our Spanish to sing songs and play games using the written version of our words.

Spanish (3R)