Nell Bank Residential

During the autumn term, year 4 took part in their first residential.
Over 2 nights and three days the children stayed away from home and school enjoyed learning in the great outdoors. The children thoroughly enjoyed their stay at Nell Bank. They took part in a number of activities, which included:
Problem Solving -children used teamwork, planning, perseverance and reflection to solve a variety of fun and exciting challenges.
Ilkley Moor Walk - We took a 6 mile walk along the  Riverside path, past the Roman fort, through the Victorian pleasure garden and on to Ilkley Moor and The Cow and Calf. 
Minibeast hunt - Through careful observation the children found creatures under logs and in the soil and carefully classified them based on the number of legs they had.
Den building - Using natural materials the children worked in teams to build a shelter capable of keeping the wind and rain out and discovered first-hand how tricky it is to make a weather proof home.
Pond dipping - Children used nets to catch and observe the creatures swimming in the depths of the Nell Bank pond and learnt how many different species live in a freshwater habitat. 
Adventure play - Pupils had the opportunity to explore the adventure playground, slither down the tube slide, climb the bouldering wall, crawl along the tunnels and swing from the monkey rings. The children definitely took up the physical challenge of adventurous play!