Living and Growing

If we were in school we would normally have got some caterpillars to watch grow and turn into butterflies. I was really sad not to be doing this in school. William and I are doing it in home. I thought I could post updates for you to see. 
Here are our caterpillars. We have five at the moment. They are very small. 
The caterpillars have been in my house for almost a week and they have been munching away. They are now double in size? What do you think that means? I’ll send you a photograph so that you can see them. 
The caterpillars are starting to hang from the top of the pot and form a letter j shape. This means that they are getting ready to change very soon. What do you think they will change into?
look what’s happened this morning! 
Today I transferred the chrysalis to the butterfly net. I had to wait for a couple of days to allow them to harden. Three of them are securing hanging but two were on the ground. It was very fiddly.  
woohoo, guess what? We have a butterfly, it’s just hatched. I’m going to go and chop up some fruit for it to feed on. 
Well three butterflies hatched and we set them free in our garden today.
Have a look at Malachy’s tadpoles. I wonder what will happen next? 
Mag has been learning about life cycles at home. He loves dandelions and buttercups! So do I!
Mag is enjoying learning about frogs.
Malachy has been taking care of some froglets...
In school we have decorated plant pots and planted cress seeds to grow at home.