Home Learning: what we have been up to

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.
 Thank you for sending me pictures of what you have been doing at home, it has really made me smile. It has been lovely to see you all doing different things.
 I thought it would be nice to share your pictures so your friends can see what you have been doing.
Remember learning takes place inside and outside through learning and experience.
 Keep up the hard work and stay safe everyone!
Mrs Javed :) 
Kobe made a delicious rainbow cake with chocolate cream that he and his brothers shared.
It looks really impressive Kobe!
Evie has been busy creating some wonderful arts and crafts pieces at home.
Florence has been super busy! Enjoying time outdoors on her trampoline and bike riding as well as showing off her baking skills in the kitchen.
Amelia has spent time researching information on Elephants. She has put together a beautiful presentation for you all to look at and learn some interesting facts.
Leo has been keeping busy by using his maths skills to help him crack the codes on this fun activity sheet.

We hope you solved the case Leo!

Angel has been extremely busy! She has camped downstairs, kept a diary to remember this period in time as well as practicing her timetables. She made her own pizza with her mummy and used her DT skills to sew her own cushion!

Angel decided to have a second Christmas because she has missed family time during the lockdown. She painted her own tree, made a snowman, had a few presents and a Christmas dinner!

Angel created Fun Fest which included activities/games which she took in turns with her mummy to choose from, she used fabric paints to decorate Easter bags, painted rocks that she left in the park and baked for VE day – cupcakes and banana bread. Finally, having seen the amount of litter that had been left in her local park, joined volunteers to clean the park. She received a lot of thank yous from the people using the park at the time.

Florence would like to show you all how hard she has been working at home. She has completed tasks in maths on money, practising her English skills and making a super fun  list of things to do! 
It seems like James just hasn't had a break!
He has been playing cricket, rounders, archery and netball in the garden now has 7 swings in his garden! Lucky boy.
He has had fun gardening and worked really hard to dig up some very deep roots.  He has also used his craft skills to create foil art, make play dough, baked, painted pictures, decorated butterfly/seahorse magnets and made Father’s Day gifts!