Home Learning Support Week 3

Here are some photos of your friends at home!                 
They have been very busy :)
Easter Challenge- LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!!
Easter Challenge 1 
          Can you build a tower for an egg to stand on?                               
     (Not hard boiled either - It is more fun)
Who can build the biggest one? Who can build the sturdiest one?
Take a picture and send it to me.  You can not hold the egg it needs to stand alone for at least 5 seconds on your tower.
You might want to talk to your brothers,sisters,mums and dads and work together to make the best one!
Create a time capsule! 
I have been thinking alot recently and I thought how cool would it be to make a book all about 'life in lockdown' as a child. 
In your piece of writing you could include lots of different things.
You could write about:
1) Write a fact sheet all bout yourself. Include: yyour name, age, where you live, who you live with, what colour hair you have,your pets and what you like doing.  Then draw a picture or add a photo. 
2) Write a diary entry - You could also write about life in lockdown - What can you do? Where can you go? What you can't do? Who you can't see? How do you feel? What have you been doing to keep yourself busy? EG Joe Wicks, Phonics play, baking, playing outside, looking after your broad bean plant, making easter cards! I'm sure you have done a lot. 
Once you have done it - send it to me via the school website as an attachment  (Ask mum or dad to help you do it or post it to school on your daily walk.)
I will print them off and create a time capsule for Year 1 and we can look back at it in years and years and years to come.
Challenge 3 
  • Create a paper plane (or lots of them) or use balls if you are struggling to make them.
  • Make a board like the picture below
  • Put multiples of 2s/5s or 10s on the board
  • Split your family into 2 teams.
  • Have a competition to score the highest. 
Use your maths knowledge of the 2s/5s/10s timetables to keep a record of who is winning!
Send me some pictures!

Axel Scheffler has illustrated a digital book for primary school age children, free for anyone to read about the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. 

The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds:

• What is the coronavirus?
• How do you catch the coronavirus?
• What happens if you catch the coronavirus?
• Why are people worried about catching the coronavirus?
• Is there a cure for the coronavirus?
• Why are some places we normally go to closed?
• What can I do to help?
• What’s going to happen next?

Please click on the link below to read the story.