Home Learning Pictures

Good Bye Year 6
Today we had our transition workshop morning. It was lovely to see so many of you and get to say a proper 'Good Bye'. I wish you all the best as you all move on to Year 7 in your new schools. 
Dylan is continuing to work hard at home during lock down. He is completing the home learning packs and going for regular walks to fit and healthy
He has been learning to cook and I must say that the pizza he has made looks amazing.
Priya's Home learning
Priya has kindly sent in pictures to show us some of her home learning. She looks like she is keeping extremely busy and is doing a lot of hard work but also having fun and learning new skills. 
Priya has been baking buns which is a great skill and one that I have never done successfully! They look delicious! 
Cooking on the oven is a skill we all need to learn. Well done Priya, it looks very tasty. 
Keeping fit, balancing and having fun all in one go. Priya has been skating 
Maths and problem solving. You have to have good mathematical and problem solving skills to play chess. Hopefully I will get chance to play you Priya. 
School work and studying. Priya has worked her way through the home learning packs from school. It is great to do a little bit of school work each day to keep your brain active. 
Fashion and science together. Priya has been tie dying her clothes. Maybe we have our own new fashion designer here in Year 6. 
ICT and independent research. I am super impressed at the powerpoint presentation which Priya has made. Not only has she been learning about the body, she has used her ICT skills to present it in a very organised way.
Thank you Priya for these lovely pictures of the hard work you have been doing. Keep up the hard work and stay safe. 
Dylan's Home learning
Dylan has written about Rosa Parks.  Dylan and his sister have been asking a lot about what’s in the news this week so they watched a documentary on Rosa Parks and then they’ve written a page each.
Bobby's Home learning 
Bobby looks like he was been working extremely hard. He has been completing his home learning pack and keeping up with Maths and English. He has also been keeping fit on his trampoline and even having camping adventures in his garden. Thank you for the pictures. 
Oliver's Home learning 
Well done to Oliver who has been using his time to learn new skills. He has been learning to cook and learning to play the guitar. It looks like you are having fun as well as learning!
Jacob looks like he has been learning lots of new skills during lock down. We miss seeing Jacob in our class but we are pleased to see that he is both learning and enjoying  himself. 
It is lovely to see Lillie learning and having fun. We love seeing the pictures of everything that she has been doing. It looks like she's celebrated a lock down birthday too.